July 14, 2016


"What's everybody up to today?"

We are preparing for a big birthday celebration
this weekend!
It's a significant birthday for my own
Mr. Wonderful and the family
has planned some rather good treats!

"Don't tell me Bo is coming again?
You know how I find him crazy, don't you?"
~Mae Mobley

It's a "Cinderella day", which is what I refer to as
cleaning chores....
starting with cleaning out the fridge to make way
for a grocery trip......

Cat's peaches are just about perfect for that
peach cobbler......

Then.....after all that is done....
this is what I plan for the afternoon.....

What are your weekend plans?
How about some fried chicken and champagne?


  1. I love the term 'Cinderella Days!'
    Whatever the occasion, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it will be properly celebrated!

  2. lol...I know you have those days too Linda....a frenzy of cleaning! Ain't life grand! Hope you and LD are enjoying a good week...inside from the heat!!! Hugs!

  3. I had a Cinderella day today and am now resting reading my favorite blogs. Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful! Have a grand celebration with your family and I do hope Mae can find a cozy spot to hide! ♥

  4. Cinderella day, that's a good expression. There is nothing like company to motivate a thorough clean up! Happy Birthday to your Mr. Wonderful! -Jenn

  5. I was preparing for the herd to arrive again this weekend....menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking.....when I got the call that they weren't going to come in after all. And all of a sudden, a huge sigh of relief escaped and I felt a true sense of laziness coming on! It's just SOOOOOOOO hot and I just don't wanna do all the work that it entails when they come. Because when the dallas group comes in, they all pile in. And they do come hungry.
    So now?? NOT gonna grocery shop. NOT gonna cook. Going to read. Going to lay in the pool. And prolly freeze some of the one million tomatoes I have on my kitchen counters. Sounds like heaven to me! Oh.....and sleep late! wooooohooooo
    Happy Birthday to your Mr. I know ya'll will spoil him rotten. (more rotten!)

  6. I'm going to have to borrow your term "Cinderella Day" I love that! I know it will be a grat celebration and remember to take snaps!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. What time is dinner? I can hop a quick flight! LOL! Blessings friends!


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