July 28, 2016


Mother always had a gilded pineapple in the formal
living room...a sign of Southern Hospitality!
I came across this GORGEOUS
gold pineapple candle at Target the other
day and simply fell in love with it!
The fragrance is heavenly....
a soft TROPICAL scent!

I have admired for some time, Target's "Oh, Joy" collection!
They are such vibrant, beautiful colors of bright whites, featuring teals, lapis blues,
corals and all gilded in gold!
I selected one bowl to accent my
new pineapple candle!
However, I wasn't certain where to display this lovely duo!
So, I placed it on the dining table for a few
days until I decided on the perfect spot to showcase 
my favorite new finds!

Found it!
My grandparents coffee table
in the formal living room!

Coffee tables are an easy way to update the mood and decor of
your home simply by changing the items you wish to display.
A well-styled coffee table can serve as a
focal point in your room and is the perfect
place to showcase your art or book collection.

I simply LOVE it!
What new decor pieces have you fallen in love with lately?
I would so love to hear about them!


  1. No wonder you adore it....it is absolutely swoon worthy...

    1. HA..love that BJ..."swoon worthy!" Hugs!

  2. I adore pineapples in decorating, Betsy. Our front door dons a brass pineapple knocker. Your candle is perfect perched on your lovely coffee table. Very pretty vignette. I been using flowers a lot lately to jazz up our home. The zinnias are blooming now and I just love to fill vases with this simple flower. ♥

    1. Oh how I love a pineapple brass knocker against a black front door! Perfect Martha Ellen! Love the idea of using fresh flowers everywhere! Your home must be so inviting!

  3. Betsy, I do love that pineapple candle. Once the candle is used you can use the container for trinkets. The bowl actually looks expensive. To think the pineapple reminds you of your mother and it gets a place of honor on your grandparents table, perfect. I do love the shape of your coffee table. The lady that was my guardian angel , when I was young, had a table shaped like this , it had a salmon color marble top. I always loved that table. I bought a silver bowl for 4 dollars at goodwill and I really love it . :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi Susie! I love that you found a treasure at Goodwill! It's never the cost of something....it's what we love! Have a great weekend love!

  4. It is a very pretty pineapple. I haven't been shopping or looking for new household items. I just shop the house,the garage, the outdoors. Good enough for now.

  5. Hi Vee! Well, I do the same thing..everything old can certainly be new again. However some little retail therapy can do one good! Have a great weekend love!

  6. This is beautiful, Betsy! I love pineapple decor, too; it's quintessential southern. :) I have two pineapple lamps, and your post has made me want to get some more pineapple decor for our home. It's always classy and always in style.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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