July 7, 2016


Yes loves...it's that time of year!
I wait with anticipation the entire year for

Do you know I once was invited to a Christmas Open House
and although the decorations were pretty...
there was not one Santa, not one lonely Snowman,
any touch of whimsy whatsoever....
where was the magic?

Anyhoo...this is the time of year, I begin my shopping
gather inspiration for what I would like "the theme" to be
for our home!
I think you will be able to tell from this post...

It began last year when I picked up
a new Christmas Tree Skirt from Pier One
which was 50% off during the after Christmas Sale!

From the handsome Santa above...

to this adorable Christmas Sugar Cookie!

When it comes to wrapping paper,
I love choosing patterns and colors
to match the tree decor!
This is a darling Old Fashioned Christmas look!

I'm ahead of the game on the stockings too...
I purchased two new fur lined plaid stockings last year,
so this time around, I am on the quest for new additions!

The fur babies will be wrapped in warm tartan plaid throws!
Mae Mobley is all a flutter on this!

My obsession for deer pillows
will look SO handsome among plaid pillows
a chunky cable knit throw!

Oh darlings..doesn't this just put you in the mood
for old fashioned Christmas movies and Hot Cocoa?

What are you dreaming about for your Christmas season?



  1. Betsy, Yes, yes, yes, I love all your wonderful plaid things. I just keep working in a bit more each year here, at the old farm house. My daughter did lots of deer things in her Christmas décor last year. Some truly adorable things. You know a dog is about the last I would want to receive at this time in my life...but oh my gosh I don't think I could resist that cute puppy, especially all wrapped up in plaid. LOL. Now for that coat the girl is wearing holding the packages. Love it too death. I had a coat like that long,long time ago. I wish I had it back. Why did I let it go, I have always told my girls a classic never goes out of style. Blessings for a Mery Christmas. :):) xoxo, Susie

  2. These are so adorable aren't they Susie? I love getting ideas and then having a theme to shop for! Your daughter's decor sounds ever so festive...a girl after my own heart! Would love it if you could share some of her photos! I had a coat like this too..so so stylish! What are you planning for your Christmas holiday this year! Something to look forward to and fun to dream about! Big hugs!!!

  3. I love, love, love Christmas! Tartan and plaids are my favorite style for Christmas!

  4. Betsy, your plaid theme is very appealing to me. I think it's beautiful for the holidays. A plaid tablecloth always finds its way on our dining room table as well as plaid table runners. I love Santa and have many around our home at Christmas. Thanks for sharing winter on this very hot day. ♥

  5. I usually start my Santa painting in July! I need to find one soon! Or maybe I will go with a red cardinal in the snow or a tree. At art class, in years past, I would serve hot chocolate and peppermint sticks and play Christmas music during art class. This year will be a bit different but I hope to do this again next July!!

  6. My favorites are your plaid stockings, so cute.


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