June 27, 2016


Hi loves....how was your weekend?
Let me tell you.....
IT IS HOT, HOT, HOT down here in the great state of Texas!
Maybe I am just growing OLD...
but I may not go outside the rest of the summer!
My new Strawberry-Vanilla Hydrangea has bloomed, so
I am SUPER excited about this....now just to wait on 
the pink blossoms to appear!
It is very hard to keep plants thriving through summer months
in the south...we did lose our lovely purple petunias
while we were visting Atlanta....

You simply must bake something with peaches during summer,
so the recipe I chose for the week were these divine
Peach Muffins! Delish!!!

The darling and I went to lunch at
McAllisters on Saturday after our morning errands were done!
I love their tea...this can last me for two days....
and it was PEACH  tea y'all......just delightful!

Then it was on to Trader Joe's!
I had my list all ready after their flyer arrived last week!
I wanted to try so many of their new items!!!

We came home with two shopping bags full of goodies!

Just OOOOO-La-La....
what else represents SUMMER more than these?

I plan to serve these for a pre July 4th gathering....
don't you love to try new flavors when preparing appetizers?
There is nothing more refreshing in summer than Mango!!!!

Don't forget to save the bags!!

Now THESE are for my Mr. Wonderful...
The Divine Miss M had served this last week and
he LOVED it!!! We had a late night cocktail hour
in the kitchen one night and noshed on fabulous pub cheese!

I tried their fresh watermelon juice last year and was hooked!
Lawd, I love this juice!!!!
And the cheese is going to be served with the new flavored
Fig and Olive crackers, along with my 
Mango, Mango chutney!

When it's a hot summer evening....
these cold Mango Bites are on the dessert menu!

Oh perfect.....these will be saved for our Fourth of July celebration!!!
I adore their vintage look!
I found my nautical napkins last week so the tablescape
is going to be SO cute!!!

Are y'all ready for your holiday weekend coming up?

Let's celebrate AMERICA!!!!

 Oh yes....
my kitty girl as been quite lavish with her affections
since we returned home!
How I love those kitty kisses!!!!
Can't wait to see what y'all did this weekend?


  1. Great finds at TJ's. I'll have to look for some of those crisps--they look wonderful and with a cheese plate, oh my! I'm thinking about the holidays, but it's not quite the fun it use to be when we got together at my Mom's; what a picnic she threw. It will be somewhat quite here, but I'll think of something special this week. Our family won't be here until August. Happy 4th dear friend, XOXO

  2. Ohhh, all those "snacky-things"... The cheeses and the crackers and etc. Oh my!!!!

    Yes, I can see, why people Down South, really enjoy Spring. 'Cause Summer is pretty steamy.

    Oh sweet Miss Mae... :-))))))

    Celebrate Our Beloved Country hugs,

  3. Betsy, You and your kitty are so cute. I love to try different crackers. Some times, I will just have cheese and crackers for a lite supper. Oh I don't know if cheese is ever considered to be lite. LOL. I lost my purple petunia...I think I made the fertilizer to heavy and burned them up. I keep looking at my hydrangea and it has no flower heads...yet. Blessings, you are going to be sweet in your stars and stripes. xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi Susie! You are dearest soul ever! Mae Mobley thanks you! Do you have plans for the 4th? I wish you a very happy and safe holiday! Love your visits...always!

  4. There is a rumor.... we will be going out on the lake in our neighbor's fishing boat to watch some fireworks... I'm not thrilled as i don't particuarly like boats or all the bugs that are sure to be there... but hey... I'm a good sport...or i try to be... lol... I hope you have a fabulous celebration. Hugs! deb

    1. Hey Deb! That should be grand...fireworks over the lake..rather romantic..stay safe and enjoy the holiday!! Hugs!

  5. Hi Susan! I miss times like that too....but we can be thankful for the memories! You will have something to look forward to come August! Have a safe and happy 4th! Big hugss!

  6. I would say hot and humid Tessa...I guess that translates to steamy....good for the complexion, Mother always said! Hope you have a lovely holiday! Stay cool and have a grand celebration of our country!

  7. Such a delightful post full of good stuff!!! That Mango/Ginger crackers sound marvelous!! I would love to go to Trader Joe's! Soon, I hope. I'm still not driving yet because of my foot. I am about to despair of it ever getting well!!! You have a great 4th!! Sadly, we have absolutely NO plans and what is even sadder is - that's just fine with me! Perhaps next year!


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