June 15, 2016


Yes, my loves, THIS is how it goes in 
The Great State of Texas these days...
It's Summetime.......

I'll be off for a a few days, so I thought
it would be nice to gather some ideas to 
celebrate this great country of ours next month!
This a look back at our July 4th celebration a few years ago!

This is my favorite store on the Square...
they have the most beautiful Folk Art decor.

How vintage!

How I love my Mother's dress me up plate of milkglass...
it's so much fun to "dress up" for any holiday!

Oh my...
my Oak Hill Chocolate Fried Pies...
these disappeared quickly!

It's fun to see how a tablescape comes together....
the family loves a festive look with good food!

DIY cupcake toppers

I remember the cheeseburgers were exceptional......

as was the potato salad, deviled eggs and baked beans!

I know Maypole....
now I'm hungry too!
Celebrate y'all....
it's the
Fourth of July!!!
I cannot wait to see how YOU put
the Red, White and Blue on display in your home!


  1. You set the most festive tables, Betsy! I would enjoy going to the shop with all of the Americana. Hopefully you are staying cool as you plan your holiday. ♥

  2. Your festive Americana/Fourth of July decorations are great. Your Mom's milk glass plate is so pretty especially entwined like that with ribbon.

    It was hot as blazes here in St. Louis today, too. 99 degrees, started out very humid, and became less humid as day went on. Dry heat, humid heat, made no difference to me I was outside for a while and it was just hot, hot, hot. Hope you keep your cool where you are and have a great week!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!

    Oh my, it is HOT in TX!!!! What would you do, without A/C???

    Enjoy your time off...

    Stay COOL!


  4. Those temperatures, wow! Praise God for A/C!

    Your decor for holidays and celebrations is always wonderful! Very inspiring!


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