May 22, 2016


Hi Everyone!
Welcome back to Estelle's!
Did y'all have a busy weekend like we did?

It's always fun to hop over to "Hot-Lanta"
to see what The Divine Miss M has been up to....
I just had to share this gorgeous picture of
Miss M and her bestie, Missy!
Two little Georgia peaches who met for breakfast
laughed when they realized they were almost
mirror images of each other!
By the way....
I want one of those Cracker Barrel rockers in black!

The wall of mirrors was finally added to their lovely Atlanta home!
These are from Ballard designs and I think they
added such interest!
Obviously they are just at the right height
for Luke to check his hair before going to school!

Miss M and Luke attended Miss Izzy's first dance recital!
Now I ask you....isn't she THE most precious ballerina ever!
Luke and Izzy have been friends since they were babies!

I think he really enjoyed the dances, from
the youngest of dancers to the young teens!

Miss Piper Rose went for her bath at
Countryside Pet Estates...
she is no longer a big fan of bath time and I simply
think it's because she has some separation anxiety!
What a love she is!

The daylilies are blooming away!

It was a day of errands for the darling and me.....
we got all thirty day lily bulbs planted which was
a rather back breaking chore for the darling!

Market Street was alive with shoppers, flowers and delicious summer
fruits on display! I think it may be time for a new
peach cobbler recipe!
Oh yes, burgers on the grill and peach cobbler in the oven!
Those are perfect for the start of summer!

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  1. That's funny that they were dressed so similarly, but it's a great outfit anyway! How did your peach cobbler turn out? -Jenn


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