May 8, 2016


"There's a package for you!".........
What a BEAUTIFUL surprise from 
down Austin way.....
Roses and chocolate from Rob....
if only he could have delivered these in person,
but a work function was priority!
Just made my day, I tell you!

While Greg and Jenn had a meeting in Addison on Friday,
I was on babysitting duty for
The BoBo!

I think he truly LOVES being up here..
so much to see that he normally does not experience during the week
while his Mom and Dad are at work!
Even though he enjoys some time in the sun,
he prefers being an inside dog. 

After their meeting,
I was treated to lunch at a new place we discovered
over in Frisco....Modern MARKET......
oh delicious!
I cannot wait to go back here!

We had PERFECT weather this weekend,
so we chose to have lunch on their patio!

I had THE best salad I have had in a long time...
steak with feta and caramelized onions, roasted potatoes and tomatoes!

Greg and Jenn had a roasted chicken pesto on Ciabatta!

Saturday was my Mother's Day gift from the darling....
to FINISH the lawn and garden!
We spent the morning at Home Depot,
along with many others with the same project,
to purchase, ferns, potting soil and hanging baskets!

I found the most beautiful Boston Fern!
Every year, I place a Boston Fern in this very spot
and it seems to be the "happy place!"
It always does well for most of the year!

We added this double hanging basket to the front flower bed
it really offers a punch of color!

I just love it!

I have been looking forward to this night all week...
dinner reservations at Maggiano's!

What are you having?

The restaurant was Very busy
with everyone celebrating Mother's Day!


Sunday morning was wonderful...
thoughtful and beautiful cards and gifts!

We had a simply marvelous weekend....
I so hope your Mother's Day weekend was just
THE BEST for you too!

Number 2 son and his family
spent a gorgeous time down in Galveston!
Even Franz and Mox enjoyed soaking up their Vitamin D rays!
Looks like fun doesn't it...
Watermelon never tasted soooo good!

Season 2 begins!!!!


  1. How wonderful your weekend was!! I must say, that photo of you sipping that cosmopolitan is totally glamorous!!! You look like a movie star!!!

    1. LOL...well, I don't know about looking like a movie star, but the Cosmo was certainly delicious! Glad your Mother's Day was a blessed one Linda! Have a great week!!!

  2. I agree with Linda! Great photos of great times. Enjoy your blessings, dear Betsy. ♥

    1. Hi Martha Ellen....I appreciate your visit today and hope you had a lovely, lovely Mother's Day! Big hugs!

  3. A lovely Mother's Day weekend all around! The Boston Fern looks neautiful there, Have you finished your garden shopping or is it ongoing throughout the summer?

  4. I was enjoying your beautiful TX weather in DAllas and Austin this weekend. So jealous of all the great restaurants that you have - Frisco is growing leaps and bounds! What a sweet face on Bobo!! Enjoy your week, dear Estelle.


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