May 25, 2016


I LOVE it when
everyone shares their latest favorite food finds!
This is what is the latest and greatest at Estelle's!

I will give a big round of applause
to our dearest fun-loving BJ at
BJ makes me SO very hungry everytime
she snaps a picture of her breakfast!
She recommened both of these breads last week, so 
of course, I simply HAD to try them and boy oh boy...
she was SO right!!!
The first is the Cinnamon Chip bread!
Oh honey....heavenly!!!!

The second one recommended is the 
White Chocolate Apricot bread!
This is little trick I learned from my mother-in-law,
Miss Bobbie....
she always preferred to butter her bread, then
toast it in the oven rather than a toaster
she was so right...it's much, much better!!!
Thank you BJ for the recommendations!
You were spot on!
I found these at Market Street bakery!

Next up, is a perfect little healthy serving size
of Trail Mix...which is really just right for an afternoon snack! 

Have you tried the latest flavors of M&M's?
We bought the COFFEE NUT package and
were both OVER THE MOON CRAZY over these!
There are two other new flavors of
Honey Nut and Chili Nut...
the Coffee Nut tasted like a mild cocoa mocha..
what's not to love!

We love a bowl of soup for lunch...
it's low calorie, filling and heart warming!
This is very inexpensive and is just like a
very flavorful homemade chicken soup!
Just look at all those lovely noodles....

Our favorite is the

This a food find recommended by Greg and Jenn,
who are super health foodies!
These are BIG healthy cookies that can
easily be shared with your bestie!
They can be found at Whole Foods or grocery stores
in the organic section.
We put ours in the microwave for about 10-13 seconds
and there you have it....a warm delicious cookie!
They were so good, I ordered a set of eight from Amazon!
Everyone has their favorite....from
Snickerdoodle, to Lemon Poopy Seed to Double Chocolate Chip!

I have saved THE BEST for last...
this is a recommendation from
The Divine Miss M!
What a divine looking Chocolate Mousse.....

Fooled y'all didn't I?
Its Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt!
Luke LOVES this stuff..he thinks it's pudding.....

Miss M is a VERY SMART Mama!

Hope y'all found something to try and enjoy!!!


  1. I know what you are saying about BJ...she temps us all with her posts of yummy foods. Now you are too. LOL. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. Yes, a very smart mama, is Miss M!!!! :-)

    Butter your bread and heat it in the oven. Oh how delicious this sounds!!! Your Miss Bobbie was a cool lady too! :-)

  3. O, can't tell you how happy I am that you loved the breads that I love. :)
    The Cinnamon Chip is my favorite and I am totally out of it this morning, I am craving it, and so now I will make your dessert biscuits with fresh blackberries.....gotta find your recipe and I'll get busy in the kitchen....

  4. OH...WAIT...I have a can of bread sticks in the fridge so it's Bread Stick Cinnies this morning. xoxo

  5. Well, GOOD GRIEF...I can't seem to get finished before thinking of another...wanted to say that your blog dress is looking sooo fine. really pretty...I need to work mine over, too.

  6. Everything sure looks delicious, Betsy. I will have to try your recommendations. Now, you have me hungry! ♥


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