March 2, 2016


Good Morning Texas!

Are you playing in the dirt these days?
The Nandina's and the Pansies are still
looking beautiful!

This our Hyacinth I planted last year.
Mother always grew hyacinths in our front yard in Jackson.
Her favorites were deep purples and lavenders
which she started as bulbs in our kitchen windowsill.
I always plant Hyacinths in memory of her.

I planted the Sweet Alyssum seeds last week in these
new planters and look how quickly they are sprouting.
It's so exciting to see what you can grow from seeds!

Each year, I capture the first blooms of our pear tree.
How glorious!!!!

What new plants are you adding to your garden this year?
We are planting more Elephant Ears, Candytufts,
Fragrant Violas and Butterfly Bushes...
it's all about designing a better life!

Over in Atlanta.....

The boys took a ride with Jay on the tractor!
Miss M has a HUGE yard, so this was
quite a joy ride!
Ah...the giggles of little boys!!!!

Miss Kelly got a brand new dining set for her kitchen...
I think it's perfect!!!
Maybe I'll get an invitation to dinner the next time I visit!

Ah.....Piper Rose....
keeping her eye on the boy!
She is getting SO big!!!

Mae Mobley enjoying the warmth of the sun....
Don't you just love the springtime!!!


  1. Love those green pots. We are still waiting for spring to come. Yesterday it was 72 degrees and this morning 30 and snowing. I still cannot believe it.

    1. Oh snow....I know that well Betty! I longed for Spring in March as we were used to while living in Maine. It helped to plan the garden and look for signs of spring! Soon.....stay warm love!

  2. Your pear is beautiful! They are a favorite tree of mine!

    We are definitely in early spring it goes from warm to cold and blustery, but I saw two robins in the yard on Monday, so it's definitely here to stay!

    1. Oh seeing Robins.....that was your gift Deanna...it surely must have been! Hugs!

  3. You certainly have spring time!

    Here, not yet. :-)

    Today it is blowing a gale out there! (As my Brit friends say.)

    And there may be a bit of a change, "in the air". Yesterday it felt like a change, from winter. But the temps still go down, and some get ice/snow. So.... It's still not spring, in the NE.

    Enjoy your in-between time.

    Miss Mae knows how to enjoy, every season. Hugs and pets, to her.....

    1. I know everyone in the North and east must certainly be ready for warmer weather..when you can put away the coats....it will come...we know that! So glad you visiting today!

  4. Ohhh, pretty new Banner pics here!!!!!!!

    I love changing Banners!


  5. My garden is calling to me, as well. I love those pansies. Happy Spring, dear friend, XOXO

    1. Hi Susan! Love seeing your baking these days! I have misssed you! Happy spring love!

  6. Your spring is looking wonderful, Betsy! I can't wait to see its glory this year! I bought caladium, liatris and astilbe bulbs to add to the garden. It will be great to dig in the dirt again! ♥

    1. I love caladiums Martha Ellen....sounds as if you are going to have a beautiful garden this year! Take pictures for us please!

  7. So pretty, Betsy. I love the way you capture day to day life. :)

    1. Thank you Stacey! Love having you visit today..hugs!

  8. Love your pictures. Glad you got up for the sunrise. :):) It looks like piper wants to play..almost makes me sad. I can't wait to see flowers here, or plant some. I did see two rabbits in our backyard...last year they ate my expensive Proven Winners. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Aw...the bunnies must eat their dinner....I know what you mean....have a lovely rest of your week dear Susie!


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