February 1, 2016


Hey loves....how was your weekend?
It was a GLORIOUS two days here in the
Great State of Texas!
Mid 70's, sunshine and blue skies!

The darling sent me the above picture as he flew
across "the world" last week on business.
I go into a total FUNK without him!
He was exhausted...wanted a Whatburger and his own bed.
This my friends....is Tokyo, Japan!

The kiddos drove up Friday night to keep me company!
Saturday morning was a shopping day.
As soon as we walked into the shoe department,
my heart skipped a beat.....
oh yeah.....plaid...honey.....marvelous plaid! 

A vacation to Montreal is booked for these two in March,
so warm weather items are on their list! 

Love....pure love!

This is my style....
I would take one in every color!

Evening style....
maybe a dinner date with that perfect little black dress....
who am I kidding?

My weakness.....
once we get to the Home department...
my eyes widen with anticipation of gorgeous china....
wierd I know!

Gorgeous....just gorgeous!!!

After a successful trip to the mall....
they treated me to lunch at
Bread Winners!

A tuna melt on marbled rye and pasta salad...
we resisted those huge cinnamon rolls....

Then it was quick trip to Eatzi's 
for a bottle of vino.....

some chocolate chipper's.....

and.......carrot cake!

After we picked the darling up at DFW....
we relaxed...
grilled some steaks
went nighty-night!

Sunday morning we treated ourselves to breakfast !

Then, decided to make our way through the new
Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony
shopping for new outdoor furniture!
I think it's going to be a Whatburger night......

Mae Mae is a happy girl to know her Papa is back home....
me too Mae Mae...me too! 


  1. Yes, I know what you mean. You just want 'the loved ones' feet on the ground. Loved those boots. too. I always look forward to your knew header. This one is gorgeous. Deb

    1. Thank you Deb! I love hearing from you...hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. I like those boots too. Yes, honey, I have pure envy of those sparkly heels. It is so nice the kids took you to lunch. Glad your sweetheart is back home too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Hi Miss Susie! Yes..what would I do without my kiddos? Hope you had a good weekend...big hugs for visiting today! Happy February!

  3. I remember those days of business trips and how much I hated them. (I never got to go. Do you sometines accompany your husband?)

    A window shopping day sounds like fun. Did you get the boots?

    Another beautiful new header for February!

    1. Thank you Vee! No, I am not a good traveler...I could never spend that many hours on a flight...never! Yes...she bought some boots!!! Have a lovely week!!

  4. Tokyo is a long, long, long trip!!! I know, because my grand daughter has made the trip, twice. And will be going again.

    No wonder he was tired! :-)

    But you certainly had a fun weekend. Lovely.

    1. Tokyo and then Tawain....hours and hours in the air.....thankful it's over! Life is short....let's make it a good one! And....I appreciate your visit!

  5. Estelle.. was the Northpark? Boy do I miss that mall!! The girls went to high school at Ursuline which was 5 mins away. Breadwinners was their favorite restaurant. Have a great week!

    1. Bread Winners is always, always busy! There is nothing like Northpark is there! Sure, you don't want to move back? Have a great week Katie girl!

  6. I understand about the traveling husband! It's just not right when they're not home and particularly when it's half way around the world! Love the plaid wellies! I could have used them on our walk today with melting snow everywhere. Have a great day, Betsy! ♥

    1. Oh yes, yes....warm socks and boots...I don't miss that Martha Ellen...it's flip-flop weather in Texas...in the middle of winter...my kind of style! Stay warm and thank you SO much for visiting me today!

  7. He was far, far away!!!
    I loved hearing about your weekend!! I have a paid of plaid Coach mud boots! They are white/spring colors plaid and I love them!!
    Summer took me to Breadwinners once! Perhaps I will take HER soon!!!


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