February 18, 2016


I think most of us begin dreaming of Spring
when February rolls around.
Our thoughts and plans are all
directed to our patio and pool area.
We spend alot of time outdoors for many months
out of the year,
so we want to make it as beautiful as possible.

One of the most fun things about Pinterest
is all the lovely inspiration that is shared.
It always helps me to gather ideas on
gardening, especially container gardening
and what accessories to invest in.
What colors are you drawn to for your
outdoor space?
The photos below are all shared
on Pinterest and were some lovely ideas
for designing beautiful outdoor spaces.

This is my all-time favorite!
Vibrant coastal blues with pops of yellows...

This reminded me of Maine...
those bountiful Hydrangeas.....
I simply must plant some this year!

This reminds me of Linda Dano's home...
so cottage chic and color perfect!

Blue, white and gray....
I adore this look.
Do you have outdoor lanterns?
They add so much interest..
this look is just classic...love!

Now this would be my daughter-in-law, Jenn's 
favorite...anything turquoise....
I think this goes perfectly with the style of the home.

 Even though I adore pink....
I would not choose it for outdoors...
a bit too feminine for the men in my life...
however....if it was just me...
perhaps...soft and diva-like.....

I like this look for Autumn...
I love the numerous pillows, the containers and the selection of florals!
I hope you got some ideas from these patio designs...
Ideas for making our lives beautiful....
Enjoy your day loves!


  1. I love pinning inspiration like this, too! That blue and yellow is amazing! There is something I like in each photo, though I am with you regarding the pink!

    Have a great day, Betsy!

  2. You have a gorgeous area to decorate Deanna...your home has a beautiful setting! Probably a tad bit cold for you now however...sunny 70's here in Texas! Have a wonderful weekend love!

  3. You make me want spring to come faster. I loved the yellow and blue..it just pops. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. All of those would make you just want to sit and sit and enjoy the out of doors. I don't like the pink in that setting but love the last picture. That I could enjoy forever.

  5. All so pretty - I am dreaming of spring too and loved looking at these :-)

  6. All of the outdoor spaces are lovely, Betsy. Ah...dreaming of Spring...it can't be too far now! ♥

  7. Outdoor rooms, really. I like the last one best.


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