February 22, 2016


 Hello Loves.....
how was your weekend?
What projects did you work on?
I could no longer wait...
with all this glorious spring weather
we have loved the past few days...
I simply had to bring out the bunnies!

I think he needs a cart full of jelly beans.

I am crazy about this little cupcake stand
from Pottery Barn!
Just waiting for the perfect little Peter Rabbit cupcake!

Miss Judy gave me this Valarie Par Hill spring bunny
twenty years ago and I bring him out every Easter!
You can use this as a door decoration or 
anywhere you choose to display him!
This year, he's taking his spot in the kitchen!

What shall we make and when do we eat?

decisions, decisions......

I agree with Tessa.....
Cadbury Creme Eggs are a must- have!

Moving on to the mantel....
just a few touches..
my vintage peter rabbits
Grandmother Estelle's little
 Tuscan fine bone porcelain pitcher and bowl
she purchased in England.

They make a statement!

Feeling the love for Easter and all-things Spring

Easter is just the sweetest time of year.

Bo came to visit for the weekend
as always...had new Bark Box toys to play with!

Smile BoBo......

It always proves to be an exhausting
weekend for Mae, when Bo pays us a visit....
this is her Sunday afternoons.....
blissful naps.


  1. Such a pretty Spring dining table, Betsy! I love all of your bunnies and cute Easter decorations. The reflections of the bunnies in the mirror is adorable! I can't wait for Spring to be here! What a lovely teasing post, dear Betsy! ♥

  2. Your table is so lovely and love your Easter decorations. I cannot believe it is right around the corner.

  3. You write the prettiest posts. :)

    I'm breaking out the Easter decorations this week.

  4. Oh yes...Bunny time! It's a bit early for us Northerners but I am sure ready to look at yours. I adore the vintage Peter Rabbits. Gorgeous! Your table is so beautiful. And how cute is Bo. :) "Hi Mae"

  5. Oh, you are frightening me, Betsy! Obviously, Easter is just around the corner and I need to take a look at the calendar! You always decorate so beautifully. Love the robin's egg blue.

  6. What sweet spring touches you've added--I'm in the process of doing that myself! Visiting from Lone Star Sisters ;)


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