January 12, 2016


Let's drop in on 
the Divine Miss M and her family
and see what they're up to.......

One of the greatest pleasures of gardening
is when your planters keep a green welcoming
appearance during the winter months.

Now that little Luke is growing up,
it was time to relocate all of his toys and books
upstairs to his playroom and at last
create some plans for their formal dining room

Miss M has had her desk and work space downstairs
for a few years now, so she relocated her "personal space"
upstairs to their master bedroom.
First on the list, was a brand new desk,
something classic, not too large, with a feminine flair!

Then she was on the search for the accessories.
She prefers clean lines, uncluttered and organized spaces.
Choosing a desk lamp is probably the most important necessity. 
She knew she wanted mercury glass or perhaps something with a clear glass body. 

It's such a blessing to have a daughter who asks your opinion
on selecting new home goods.
The two choices are shown above and we both
thought picture #2 was the winner! 

Love it!
Then she found the little faux peony floral arrangement and
that just had to be included on the desk top!

She did a lovely job with it all.
The ivory leather desk blotter was found on line.
Now all she needs to do is find a small cabinet for the printer
and for Jay to relocate her computer.

I think it sometimes is hard to select faux flowers
to create a wintery arrangement....
but.....this is right on target.
Pine mixed with frosted white Poinsettas!

Beautiful centerpiece....
I am going to request the darling make one of these
wooden boxes for us!

Winter family photos

A perfect pairing with the creamy white hydrangeas

Is he not the cutest, sweetest first grader ever?

Getting ready for the school day....
I love it when I receive his picture via text in the mornings.....

An after school playdate...
this is going to work out just great
with his play room being part of his bedroom now!
I think he feels he has his own "man cave!"

Miss Piper is a well loved pup....
she is queen of the household I believe!
She loves her morning walks on the golf course.....

The ever faithful companion during homework time.....

Wide open spaces and a place to run, run, run......
without any danger!!

Waiting for the arrival of the school bus...
Now I ask you, how stylish is this with Miss M's infinity scarf around her neck!
Gotta love it!!


  1. Just perfect in every way! Love the desk and the lamp. The kids and Piper are adorable.

    1. Thank you Stacey! I am so happy you stopped by today! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. What a lovely home! Nice to see Luke and Piper as pals.


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