November 16, 2015


It all becomes so disturbing....
even filling your thoughts at 3 AM....
how very frightening the world has become.

It was good to have a quiet Sunday
just to stay home and spruce
up the garden for Thanksgiving.

This will most likely be the last day to mow the lawn.
The leaves are quickly falling now.

It was a perfect November day....
a temperature around 60 degrees, cloudy and cool.
I love to hear the sound of crows during fall.
The entire neighborhood seems to be nesting.

I keep my eye on this one tree in the backyard.
I can see it from our bathroom and have
watched it change into her vibrant autumn color.
In a few weeks, this will be bare.

As I was skimming the leaves out of the pool,
you sensed a change in the wind...
a storm is coming.
Somehow I felt perhaps this thought actually
referred to our country....our world.....

And so.....
I was thankful today for home
a quiet Sunday to bake brownies.

I was also thankful that Miss Piper Rose
was safe in her home
experiencing her first fire on this November day.


  1. This post was so fallish... and also tinged with the fear that grips all our hearts that our world is not such a peaceful place after all.

  2. Lovely post...

    And yes, a storm is already upon the world. And it has been announcing itself and it's motives, for years. But the world has not, will not listen. So sad, for the world.

    Extremely sad for us, who live in this world. And will not heed the announcements, of the coming storm. And thus, throw our hands up in wonder, when it strikes.. As if we could not have known, that it was coming.

    Extremely sad for us, to have leaders, who think they can "negotiate it away."

    Extremely sad..............



  3. Good morning, Estelle.. what a beautiful and cozy home you have. This post was just...so nice. This feeling of apprehension is in the air, isnt' it? Your weather sounds so Fall like..and ours is so slow coming. If ever! California is like that. It clings to the summer breezes for as long as it can. Have a wonderful week, my friend!


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