October 4, 2015


Hey y'all!
How is everyone doing this beautiful October weekend?
Texas has enjoyed the most glorious weather....finally!
The evenings have been cool and breezy,
with days just as wonderful!
Everyone has been out and about....
including the darling and me!
We have spent all weekend in the back yard,
trimming all the shrubbery and taking down the 
overgrown Morning glory vine!
When you are our age, this is back breaking work!
Lots of lawn bags to manage...
then bags of new mulch to spread throughout the flower beds!
We are POOPED!

Anyhoo.....we managed to do a little more decorating both
inside and outside!
Since we are hosting Thanksgiving this year,
we want to welcome all the family
with beautiful mums and colorful flowers !

I do so hope you have enjoyed your weekend too
enjoyed sprucing your home up for the holidays! 

I completed the centerpiece for the farmhouse table!

Autumn on the cake plate!

I just love indian corn, don't you?
This bowl is from Better Homes and Gardens! 

The backdoor welcome wreath!

Mrs. Scarecrow made her first appearance today.....

I love this little garden flag....
do you change yours with the seasons?
I put little harvest colored stones in the bird fountain....

We feel so much better that this gardening chore is almost done!

Next up...
planting the pots..
but, this shall have to wait a few weeks....
Thank y'all for visiting today
a very special welcome to those of you that are new to Estelle's!
I appreciate each and every one who drops by for a look/see!
Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. You have some beautiful, fall decor!

  2. Hope that all the challenging work in the yard means a wonderful night's rest and not many aches and pains. It will all be beautiful for Thanksgiving for sure.

  3. I love everything you have done! I do love Fall...and I always change my flags out with the season! Hope you have a great upcoming week. xo Diana

  4. It's looking really great!


  5. Have I said this already? You take great pictures! You could do photography tutorials and I'd read them. :)

  6. ooooooooooooh....love that bowl!!!!! so much that I want one!!!


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