September 7, 2015


I suppose it's been about two years
that the Divine Miss M and her family
have been discussing adoption...
a puppy adoption!

Frankly, I was beginning to wonder if this would ever happen.
The timing wasn't right.....
the schedules were too busy,
do we really want to take on the challenge
of housebreaking, daily walks, etc.

Oh yes, do we want a puppy or an adult dog?
Do we want a Chocolate Lab or a  Golden Doodle?
We really don't want a breed of dog that will shed...
all of those issues that swirl around in your head
when you are thinking of puppy adoption.

Then came D-Day!
With the "master of the house" traveling clear across the globe
on a special special work assignment,
Miss M and Luke had an appointment
to meet a potential new family member. 

This is the little lady they were meeting.....

Well, now just look at her little face?
The darling and I both knew...
when she saw this puppy face....
she would have a new home! 

Oh, yes....
she was well prepared to bring home this little bundle of love...
A trip to Petco early Friday morning
would prove that all her thoughts were leaning toward adoption! 

Ha....we just loved this.....
babies, blankies, a new collar, squeekies and treats!

Dad on the left and Mom on the right....
10 puppies....
this was the last of the litter....a darling black female! 

An hour later......
coming home!

We have all received hour by hour text messages and pictures....
is she playing, is she sleeping, does she cuddle?
Face time has been wonderful.....
we can all be a part of the experience! 

She had a list of names to consider
then it was decided....


Her full name is still under consideration...
"Piper Aggie Rose"
"Piper Marie"

All I can say is...
We are madly and hopelessly in love with


  1. How sweet! I know the excitement well. We've owned seven dogs in 47 years of marriage, and a week from today, we're getting our 8th. Best of everything to Miss Piper!

  2. What a sweet heart. The picture of her and Luke is precious! She will have such a good life with all of you! Happy Labor Day Miss Betsy, hugs Patti.

  3. Awww Betsy! Piper is just a black beauty! What fun to have a new pup in the house. Let the chewing begin! xo Diana

  4. Piper is adorable!!!! I love how you all make it such a fun family afffair!!

  5. Oh what a darling...

    One son and family have had black labs, over the years, and they have been wonderful. His wife is excellent with dogs, and has trained them so well. They are a Joy. Because of her training.


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