August 24, 2015



I can describe the weekend in one word....

We gathered together to 
celebrate Jenn's birthday in Dallas
for cocktails and a delicious dinner at Hibachi!
Long time friends and family....steak and sushi
the most divine 
Devils Food Cake! 

Her sweet husband had ordered her cake
Bread Winner's!
Gorgeous place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner...
now just tell me you could resist one of those delectable pastries?

This one is located at North Park
which is just amazing in itself...
upscale.....you will need to dress up just to go shopping!
Eye candy everywhere.......

Happy Birthday!!!

We were introduced to a new place that we simply fell in love with....
Oh, this little market was breathtaking....
Boccelli was singing......
bread was baking, flowers were everywhere,
chefs were in every corner waiting to serve
you wine, cheese, homemade sandwiches
or their infamous

I could not take all this loveliness in
fast enough...
I said.....to the darling,
"I just want to LIVE here, it's so beautiful and yummy!"

Their divine Hatch Chili Cornbread....
O-H- M-Y G-O-O-D-N-E-S-S

After feasting on this fresh and delicious lunch
of sandwiches, crostini's, A LUCIOUS chicken salad, fruits, and cheeses....
and sharing the best Tiramisu ever....
it was pool time!

It appeared that Bo was making the most
of his weekend at Grandma's and Papa's...
he swam his little heart out!

While he rested and dried off in the sun....

I took time for iced tea and catching
up on the new Southern Living...
one of my favorite things to do!

We were so blessed with another lovely weekend and
family celebration!
Now, just look what my gift for Sunday morning was....
a sign of Autumn.....
How perfect! 


  1. What a way to celebrate a birthday or any day for that matter. Those eating places look like my kind of place!! and... aw, a wee sign of autumn.

  2. Another lovely family event...

    And I simply love that picture of Bo in the pool!!! It is the coolest thing. In so many ways. Love it!!!


  3. I love Breadwinners! We had lunch at the one in Northpark when I went down to visit my girls. It never disappoints.

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful! We are currently having autumn temperatures and I'm very happy.

  5. Love the way you are always celebrating FAMILY!!
    My daughter, Amber, and I love Eatzi's too!
    Your every photo is just beautiful!
    My favorite is Bo in the pool!! So glad we are Facebook friends so I get to see extra pictures!!!
    Have a wonderful LAST week of August! September is coming and I am counting down the days!


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