July 13, 2015


I love Saturdays!
Who doesn't, right?
I had my list ready of places to go and people to see!
Two stops first at Dick's Sporting Goods and Academy....
not really my cup of tea, but
you know how men can linger over looking at wood in Home Depot
and fishing equipment at sports stores!

One of my all time favorite Saturday lunch dates 
is with the darling man in my life
when he treats me to
In and Out Burger....
Oh yeah.........
Hey....I can be a cheap date!

My Mary Engelbreit cupcake holders came....
darling, I tell you....just darling!

And.....a new cupcake baking dish for my birthday!
Oh am I going to have fun with this.....

I believe we have completed my shopping list for our beach trip....
half the fun is seeing what goodies everyone brings to munch on all week....
see anything you like?

We set up a beautiful display of "food and snacks"
and anyone can wander up to the house from the beach
and have anything their heart desires....
the children love this week of vacation! 

Jenn picked up these adorable cocktail napkins for our trip....
the girles are going to LUV these! 

Another birthday gift....
leave it to Harry Slatkin to produce
a candle that smells so good you just want to eat it!!!!

We had a fantastic weekend....
what did y'all do for fun?
It's HOT HOT HOT here in Texas..
of course...it's July!
Time for a fresh peach cobbler I think....

You know the one that's a cupa, cupa, cupa.....
Y'all have a fabulous week!


  1. That cupcake is just the cutest thing... with or without the cupcakes. And, you have a fun time ahead with lots of fun things happening. Take care.

  2. Yes peach cobbler sounds great, please send me some... thank you LOL
    Hot is just the way I like it after a long winter...
    Hugs Roxy

  3. Love that cupcake baking pan, so pretty! I'd like that snack counter too, yummy goodies, and those burgers look great too.


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