May 12, 2015


It's a Beautiful Morning......

Look.....the SUN is SHINING!
After days and days of rain,
we can bask in the warmth of the sun.....
Funny how this can change the entire mood the day....

I am so enjoying Robbie's roses....
Lovely combo of colors I think...
reminds me of pink lemonade 
in a Lilly Pulitzer wine glass! 

I'll Think I'll Go Outside for Awhile~

I simply cannot WAIT to use my chic new garden tools that were a
 Mother's Day gift from our sweet Jenn and Greg! 
Aren't they gorgeous? 
Now, if only my thumb were as green as my geranium!!!

Before you head out to the garden
be sure to start the day
with breakfast!
Enjoy that second cup of java'
savor this scrumptious breakfast casserole! 

What is more perfect to greet the sunshine on a May Day, than a delicious breakfast casserole?
This recipe is courtesy of Mrs. Harold Hays from Dallas, Texas! 
Y'all enjoy!!!

8 slices of sourdough bread
1 dozen eggs
1 t. dry mustard
2 cups milk
2 cups grated extra-sharp cheddar cheese
1 1/2 lbs of "Little Sizzler's breakfast sausage
1 small package of frozen hashbrowns
1 can Mushroom Soup
1 (4 ounce) can of Evaporated Milk

Cut bread into four-square pieces. Grease a 9" x 12" glass baking dish and line dish with bread squares. Mix the eggs, dry mustard, milk and cheese together. Brown the sausage and cut each sausage into 3 pieces. Add to the egg mixture. Spread hash browns over the bread. Pour egg mixture over the bread/potatoes and cover with foil. Refrigerate overnight. Mix evaporated milk and soup and pour this mixture over the entire casserole. Bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes, uncovered. Great with a side serving of hot cinnamon rolls! 


  1. I'm happy to hear you have the sun-shine back. We have a beautiful sunny day ahead and the birds are singing their songs today. Spring is so wonderful. Love the photo of Mae. Hugs, Deb

    1. So happy you stopped by today Deb! We are loving the rain, but it's a tad much recently! Summer will soon be here and those long hot days.....better to just love what comes! Hugs dearest Deb!

  2. Hi Betsy! I'm Stacey from Poofing the Pillows. Not sure that I've landed on your blog before but I'm so happy to find you. We live in Rockwall so we are probably close neighbors. Your blog is beautiful. Your food looks amazing and I can already spot several recipes that would be a hit with my husband. :)

    1. Well hi Stacey! Thank you ever so much for visiting today! I hope you will return often and find some things that inspire you! I can promise you will be a popular hostess with these recipes! I look forward t checking out your blog also. Love meeting new blogging friends!

  3. Oh how wonderful the world is when the sun returns after a long absence. Your window is so pretty and the world outside looks very inviting. The breakfast casserole sounds delicious.

    1. Indeed it does Vee. We all need the warmth and light of the sun. I can't remember days and days of rain. Some small TX towns have been hit very hard. So that day while the sun was shining, we were all so grateful.

  4. How can you be so closeby, with sun......and all we have is rain, rain, rain???? As I type, we are watching the lake rise and ooze into our yard, across the street and under our lakehouse...........sigh. We know one of the pitfalls of having a lakehouse is dealing with the floods that occur every 5 yrs or so. But really? we flooded at end of march. we cleaned up after that one, which was horrible. just got my flower beds planted and the grasses cleaned of the mud slud. Now it's all underwater again. So much work. makes my back hurt just thinking about it. But whaddaya gonna do???? Love the sunny days when and if we ever get them again!
    Casserole looks great. wonder if I could freeze it? Bake then freeze? or before it's cooked?

    1. Oh jmac....how awful for you. Can you remember such a rainy spring? More on the way too! I don;t know about freezing this casserole.....since it has eggs it may be better not to try....unless you bake it first. I would assume it's better just right out of the oven. I do hope the sun is over your beautiful lake house very, very soon.


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