May 21, 2015


And so it began.....
They know........
They ALWAYS know......

When you are leaving.....

The suitcases come out
the packing begins....

"Don't go......."

This is the first time we have had to Vet-Board Mae when traveling since we moved back from Maine. I don't know who had more anxiety, me or Mae.....both of us had PLENTY, I can tell you, which means Mr. Wonderful needed medication more than the two of us combined...two hysterical females makes for a need to drink straight from the bottle of Pepto-Bismol!

In addition to my high anxiety, we were traveling Southwest out of Love Field. It's been years since I have flown from Love Field, rather than DFW. The flight was not going to arrive in Atlanta until 9:30 PM and the entire boarding process is way different than American or Delta.HE likes it better. I on the other hand, DO NOT! I like order when boarding and an assigned seat number. This felt like a free-for-all to me.....PLUS, it was pouring rain the day we left......more anxiety! Can you tell I am not a very good travel companion? It's a good think the Divine Miss M had wine chilling upon our arrival! It was all worth it to set eyes on her sweet face at Atlanta-Hartsfield however....even though  Mae Mobley would disagree with the entire necessity of visiting our Atlanta family!

With all of the rain we have had here lately in Texas,
Atlanta weather was just about perfect! 

Miss M had planted her deck for the summer
it was spectacular! 

First up was our Mother-Daughter
trip through Target!

While Luke was in school,
we were able to plan dinner
shop for some fun little presents 
for our grandson!

Now this was the prettiest little spot
for relaxing, putting your feet up
and enjoying the
cocktail hour! 

Mother-Daughter Vino time.....
Another fun find at Target! 

Hey Y'all! 

There is so much to share with you....
Baseball games.
Swim Team
Fantastic BBQ
New house projects
A Trip to Madison

Stay tuned........

It has taken a day for our poor darling to decompress.
I am searching for a loving, reliable Cat Nanny....

The flight home was exhausting.
We had to fly from Atlanta to Houston (ridiculous)
and the flight was delayed two and one-half hours...
Arrived home at midnight

It was a marvelous visit though......
Luke and I had a ball....that kid makes me laugh...big time! 


  1. Happy to hear you had a fun and safe trip. Mom and daughter time is so special and what's better than being with the grands. Poor Mae...I understand the worry about our precious cats while travelling. Hopefully your vet or pet store has a reliable pet-sitter that you can interview and get to know. I think that's where they do best...right at home with two visits a day.

    1. I thought of you during this process Deb! So wish I could fly you to Texas! She is SO glad to be home!

  2. I'm heading north for some Mother-Daughter time and to see my granddaughters; will leave the 4 cats home with hubby. Grandsons are special too and I got to visit mine over Mother's Day--Kelly would be so proud of him. Love the photos, XOXO

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time, even with the dreary travel.

  4. Interesting to hear about Southwest and the way things are done and the delays... Glad that you had a wonderful visit in Atlanta. If you find a good cat nanny, you'll feel better about going. I usually find that having someone come in works well as cats take such good care of themselves. I have left Fioré for up to a week without any troubles. Now dogs...can't do that with them, which is why I prefer cats.


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