April 6, 2015


Easter weekend started out with a Saturday night
birthday celebration for our number 1 son!
Although his "30 something" birthday is actually
April 7th, we wanted to have him choose 
a night out at the restaurant of his choice!

So Uncle Julio's it was! 

What a gorgeous evening to dine patio style!

Hmmm....we were all thinking of a Margarita......

I love Texas in the springtime!
We left full and happy! 

Although our family was scattered across the miles on this Easter Sunday, we so loved having Greg and Jenn with us on this special day! It's just not Easter without all the children and grandchildren, but I realize it will not always possible to have all the family together every holiday. Dinner was delicious! Poor Rob was all by himself in Austin, but we did have fun exchanging text messages watching a marathon of Mad Men!

Then.....I discovered I had forgotten to serve the deviled eggs! 
Looks like we will be having egg salad sandwiches for lunch this week.....

Everyone opted for a small slice of Lemon Cheesecake
and I will say, this turned out beautifully!
We all ate every single bite! 

Now it's time to put away the china.....

Pack away all the bunnies.....

Nick and the grandchildren could not join us this year, but did manage to host a lovely Easter
dinner at their house for Catherine's family. We missed seeing our grandchildren, but so happy that they enjoyed such a beautiful holiday dinner!

Catherine did an outstanding job on her dinner and decorating her table. 
I love that they are making memories in their first new home together! 
These are the very things that make a house....a home!

Spring is in full swing here in Texas.....
landscapers are everywhere sprucing lawns and parks up from the winter months! 

Mae Mobley was excited about her new Easter baby rabbit.....

We hope you all had a lovely and sweet Easter, 2015! 


  1. I hear the wistfulness between the lines...so true that families cannot always be together. I have to put my rabbits and chickies away?! Oh dear. They're the only thing that looks springy around here.

  2. Can you please tell me who made the bunny in overalls holding the chicks? I would really love to find one of him to own for myself.

    1. Hi Doll Dreams.....Yes, I bought this at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.


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