February 9, 2015


Our baby girl....she's the most wonderful granddaughter one could hope for!
We talked about the night  she was born, her graduation from Kindergarten,
 her soccer games, her little cheerleading team, her close relationship with her baby brother,
 her love for animals, her unconditional loyalty to her long time friends and
 her amazing skills at varsity volleyball! 
She is our one and only granddaughter and 
like all grandma's, I am choosing to brag on her a bit! 
We celebrated the fifteenth year of this darling girl! 

An "Abbie selfie" making Maine Grandma "tickled pink!"
I often discover surprise selfies on my phone and 
it never fails to reduce me to puddles of laughter! 

On Thursday, she celebrated with friends at a Mexican restaurant in Burleson! 

On Saturday evening we met for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Southlake!

The Birthday Girl chose Red Velvet for her birthday sweet ending! 
I love birthdays that are a family affair!
She cannot wait to obtain her driver's learning permit! Remember those days?
Oh my lawd!

 This was my Saturday find.....oh be still my heart....
A touch of spring in the kitchen! 
The tulips and the gorgeous vase 
(adding this to my new collection of French Country)
were only $13.00! 

Mae Mo got her Valentine gift early....a plush pink blanket for her bed....
I knew she would be pretty in pink! 

She has my heart!
Snug as a bug in a rug.....

We are preparing for a visit from Atlanta this week....
got the to make a run to Costco for her signature Chardonnay! 

Hey, have y'all tried these yet?
They are fab! 
Less calories than Starbucks and taste divine!
My new guilty pleasure! 

The weather was just gorgeous here in Texas!
The darling was able to play a round of golf on Sunday!

We also did a lot of this!
How was your weekend?


  1. Happy fifteen-year-olds are the greatest! Love the selfie!

    1. Thank you so very much Vee! She is one sweet kiddo! Thank you for visiting me today! Hugs!!!

  2. what a beautiful girl... oh you must be so proud of her. of course you are!!!!

    Miss Mae is purrrrrrrrfect in PINK!!!!!

    and peeking out, behind pink flowers also.

    but then, Miss Mae is always purrrrrfect! :-)

    1. You're a love Miss Tessa! Thank you for stopping by today and I know Mae thanks you too!

  3. Your granddaughter sounds amazing. How lucky is she to have you for a grandmother too. My daughter turns 15 the end of March and I just wish time would stand still for a while.
    I will have to pick up some of those skinny iced coffees. They sound delish!

  4. How wonderful for you Maresc! Wish her a very happy birthday! Yes....if only some moments would last forever!! Thank you for visiting me today!

  5. I'm so happy you have at least one grandgirlie! Girls are so special to their Mama's and Grandma's! This is such a fun age, if they've been raised right, as I am certain your girl has been! So much fun, energy, drama all wrapped into one special package! My 15 year old is nearly 16! So delightful! And my other girls are 23, almost 21 and 12 almost 13! I love, love them!

    Enjoy your visit from Atlanta!


    1. So true Deanna! Sounds like you have a house full of lovelies! You must delight in all of them! Thank you for dropping by Estelle's today and I wish you a lovely week ahead!

  6. You and your granddaughter are greatly blessed to have each other. I have I have 4 beauties under 12. They are the light of my life along with the 2 boys who are now 13 and 16. Have a lovely visit.

    1. Thank you Regena! I know you must have a wonderful time with your four! Thank you so much for your visit today! Have a very blessed week!


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