January 21, 2015


I had forgotten all about these.

Would you believe, that we still come across a box that has yet to be unpacked?
I feel so ahead of the game, of weeding out old "stuff" and donating items we no longer use.
When we made our move from Texas to Maine, I felt we downsized quite a bit. 
The darling would disagree with that statement.
But....anywhoo.....the other day, he was unpacking this small box, and peeked in from the garage and said, "Hey...do you still want these wine goblets?"
When I realized what they were, I almost screamed..."YES! I forgot about those!"

Do you recognize these?

Oh, the memories of these little lovelies! 

Arby's originals......

Yes, little darlin's....you heard me.....
Some years ago, during the holiday season, Arby's would offer these pretty little stemware glasses for a minimal fee. It may have been a dollar or two....so long ago, I can't remember.
But I just loved them.
Now, if the darling had his way...they would be trash..
But, according to Estelle's....they are treasures!


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    1. Glad you agree Linda! Thank you so much for stopping by today!

  2. oh treasures yes!!!

    time gone by, I would find Christmas time glass wine glasses. at very low prices. scoop a couple up, and use them, all year long. for "my" personal water glass. :-)

    the plastic ones, which one sees, do not, not, not come up to the glass. :-)

    oh treasure!!!!

    1. They are just fun and festive Tessa....I realize now how long ago that was....oh well...onward and upward! Glad I kept them! Don't you just love finding old belongings like this? So hope you are feeling better !!!

  3. HOw wonderful to find them Estelle! When we moved from Texas to California i lost a fairy....a rather large fairy made of resin ( i wish
    ceramic) that i loved. Husband bought her on one of his business trips and knew i would love her... Well we have unpacked everything and double and triple checked everything and still no fairy.... where could she be? Well we are packing anew and moving from CA to Arkansas to retire and i still cannot help but wonder where she got to... Perhaps she did not want to live in California.... BUT perhaps she is still hidden somewhere and will show up in Arkansas...lol Hugs! deb

    1. Hi Deb!! So VERY happy to hear from you! She must be packed don't you think? He also found a big bag of my clothes that I thought was gone forever! It was like having a whole new wardrobe! Oh happy day!!!! I so hope you come across the fairy! If you do....please let me know! This would be a wonderful post! Hope you all are doing well...I have missed you! Wishing you a lovely new year ahead!! Big hugs!

  4. Oh, I know this was a sweet surprise! What pretty little glasses too. I remember when Long John Silver had a similar giveaway with Christmas glasses and I bought them all. Wish I still had them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Did they really Shelia? I guess these types of food places don't do that anymore..what a shame....seems we were big fans of their holiday idea! Stay warm!!!!

  5. I love odds and ends! These goblets are a treasure and it's fun to share them at special occasions. I think I still have one of the Arby's that hasn't been broken in all of our moves, XOXO

    1. Do you really Susan? How terrific! I can't believe these were not lost or broken in all the moves!! Thank you for visiting today love!


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