January 1, 2015


Happy New Year 2015 everyone!
Welcome to Estelle's!
I hope your visit here will be

Time Well Spent
New Hopes, New Dreams....
A brand New Year

I always strive for positive thinking in all aspects of life. My wish is that you find Estelle's to be interesting, entertaining, inspirational, informative and peaceful for a mere five minutes!  Thoughts always turn to how we can make a fresh start since we have been blessed with a clean slate, as we enter another year! We set goals for ourselves to be happier and healthier. Fantastic! So let's just "DO IT!" However big or small, I plan to take action...wellness for the darling and me! Let's get ready to be present in our delicious life! 

Now, here's something fun to think about on our first day of January, 2015! What is the signature color for the year? Marsala.....oh, be still my heart! Radiant Orchid is now in the past and we march forward to the bejeweled, rich shade of burgundy! No, it's not mandatory to dress or decorate in the year's signature color, but it just may be a fun tidbit of information as we refresh and renew! 

The Style Scoop

I am a lover of big bags! 
Rather rich looking, don't you agree?

I am loving hats!
They are romantic and can be invaluable on a bad hair day!

 Purely Romantic

A stunning presentation for our dining table

Creating a warm and inviting color for our kitchens

Unlimitied possibilities for new brides....
I love that the sky is the limit for wedding gowns these days! 
I adored my wedding gown, but if I did it all over again......
I would so choose this gown! 

The look for The Groom...
how beautiful this would be for an autumn wedding!

A lovely brooch for
Bejweled Party Hair

Just in case you're invitied to The Ball.......
Dream a little dream with me.....

What are you excited about for your new year?
Don't you just love a fresh start?

Hey, remember the new season of
Downton Abbey 
begins January 4th! 
Stay Happy y'all!



  1. Marsala.... Oh be still my heart. :-)))))

    It seems there is no place, where this color, would not be perfect. Certainly to me! A lover of all the colors, which live in this color's spectrum. Mmmm, not sure if spectrum is the correct word. ,-)

    I am drawn to the warm colors of red, pink, wine, cranberry, burgundy, etc. So Marsala would have to warm my heart!!!!

    Wishing you Health and Happiness in 2015,

    1. I agree Miss Tessa....you would look absolutely stunning in the color of 2015! Love and happiness for the New Year!

  2. Such a luscious color...

    1. I always enjoy your visits BJ!

  3. One of my students was wearing a brand new pair of Ugg boots just before Christmas...the color, Marsala...I have never been an Ugg fan, but those boots distracted my attention several times that day. They were beautiful and the one time I thought...hmm, that color might make me re-think Ugg.

    I found you through Preppy Empty Nester.

    1. Welcome Beemie! Such a darling name! I am so happy that you visited today! Now this color in Uggs would be a stunner! I agree! Wishing you a lovely new year!

  4. Dear Estelle, I just adore this rich and powerful color! I like to add a touch of this color to most my rooms of my home! I have also brought in many more golds in these last few years! Our Daughter came and she just loved how we had redecorated three different rooms since she was last home!
    Happy New Year to one classy and stunning lady! I always just love to visit your Blog...
    Always, Roxy

    1. I know how happy you all were to have your daughter home for the holidays! I used to do the same thing....wander through my parents house to see what had changed! How blessed you are! i wish you health and much happiness for the new year Roxy! Please keep sharing your words of wisdom and keeping us all on the right path of life! Hugs and love!

  5. This is a beautiful rich color! I love all of your snaps! I am so looking forward to blogging with you and getting to know you better in our new year!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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