December 29, 2014


WHAT? You have already taken down the tree and packed away all of your Christmas decor? Well, if you have, I applaud you! Our tree is still up and softly lighting the foyer each evening! Perhaps I shall work on taking off the ornaments today. I mean, it feels like it's only been up for a few weeks. Today, the sun is shining, but it's a tad bit cold. A wintry mix is expected for New Year's Eve! The darling and I shall be toasting in the New Year at home by the fireside! A good steak on the grill and baked potatoes are on the menu! 

Have you ever prepared Italian Beef? This recipe is out of this world good. There is nothing better than hot and spicy Italian Beef Sandwiches on a cold evening! I served ours with fresh sauteed green beans and mushrooms. So, while you are busy putting away all your decorations, put something yummy in the slow cooker and you will be golden! 

3 cups beef broth
1 envelope of Italian Seasoning dressing mix
1 (3-5 lb.) chuck roast
1 jar of golden Peperoncini
1 jar of Italian mix Giardiniera
3 cloves of garlic, minced

Add beef broth to your slow cooker. Whisk in the Italian dressing mix and the minced garlic. Add the chuck roast, then top with drained jars of Peperoncini and Giardiniera mix. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

I serve these on toasted hoagie rolls, with melted provolone cheese, sauteed onions and peppers! Serve with au jus drippings from the slow cooker!

Postscript to Christmas 2014

Miss M: 
"Getting ready for a cookie decorating party!!!"

Text from Miss M: 
"Who said baking with your six year old was fun?
 Luke took half the dough and made a "science experiment." 
I got ten cookies out of one batch! 
I don't know what has more flour on it...the floor or his clothes! 
He is covered from head to toe!
 I need a stiff drink....ho-ho-ho!!!!!" 

Snowy and friends sliding down the banister

We bought three of the MOST adorable dog toys for " the boys!" However, when Miss Mae spotted the trio of dinosaurs, she thought they were HER babies! Poor darling....she did enjoy their company for a night! I gave thought to letting her confiscate their gifts, but knew they were going to provide some good "tear em' up" fun for the doggies! 

Franz enjoying his new Christmas toy......

Get em' Bo Bo!!

Enjoy those Italian Beef Sandwiches!

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