December 22, 2014


Where has the month gone? It seems as if we just ended the autumn days and 
then here we are in the few days prior to Christmas day. 
Did you finish your shopping?
 Did you finish your Christmas wrapping?
 Are the cookies baked and the grocery shopping completed?
I have loved visiting all of your blogs and seeing all your fabulously 
decorated homes and holiday decor! 

We had a marvelous weekend full of shopping and baking! 
This is a year where our son and his lovely wife, Cat, 
will be hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner! 
They are super excited, as are we! 

Don't you love Sunday mornings when you can lounge a bit before the day really begins?
There is nothing better than the first cup of coffee and we enjoyed orange rolls for breakfast!
How enjoyable to catch up on all our favorite Christmas movies!
I think the original Miracle on 34th Street, 
with tiny and adorable Natalie Wood will always be my favorite! 
A second favorite would be A Christmas Story,
 followed by Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, Home Alone and White Christmas! 
I would love to know your all time favorites too! 

Do you make that special Hot Cocoa for your children and grandchildren?
It is such fun to make their eyes light up with all the various sweet additions!
My grandchildren adore white chocolate with peppermint! 
The adults like chocolate with a few splashes of Bailey's Irish Cream!

Combine 1 1 ½ cups light cream, 1 ½ cups Milk
¼ cup Sugar and 1/8 t. Salt.

Cook over MEDIUM-LOW heat.

When Cream  MIXTURE just begins to STEAM,
Add 6 ounces Chopped chocolate.
Stir until Melted.

MIX in 3 drops of Peppermint Oil.
Divide Cocoa into mugs.

Garnish  with Marshmallows and Chocolate Shavings!

Dropping in on Atlanta, Snowy is winding down his adventures throughout the house!
 Last week, he bought Santa's to delight our Luke the Duke when he woke up! 
Luke wasn't too sure about them...asking Miss M, "Are they real?" 

Friday was the school class Christmas party! Miss M outdid herself with her contributions!
I was so proud of her! I said, "Well M! You have a Martha Stewart worthy presentation there!"
These were representative of 
"How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"

Just look at these! Too, too adorable! She had called and asked me if I thought the "holiday funfetti" cake mix would work with these mini cupcakes! I thought this was a fabulous idea!
 Last year I had made the mini brownie version of these! 

This was our Christmas Eve party buffet last year! 
I like her idea much more! So festive and yummy looking! 

She said the party was a huge success! The kids were so excited and the teachers were exhausted. Miss M also read holiday themed books to these precious six year olds and she said all the children were quiet as mice as they listened to the stories. So, with gifts exchanged, tummies full of yummies, they are out for the holidays. Luke was invited to recite Christmas prayers with Mr. Happy for the final assembly! What an honor! 

Miss M and her sweet family, Jay and Luke!
Merry Christmas 2014

And of course, I end this post with Miss Mae in all her mischief!
Such a little Christmas cutie! 


  1. Darling pics. Miss M did okay for herself!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Estelle!!

  2. All photos, beautiful...

    All family, beautiful...

    You and your daughter, amazing...!

    Miss Mae, precious, as always...

    Happy coming Christmas,

  3. Dear Lovely Lady, I am just thrilled to watch all the same movies at this time of year! We have a DVR and so I record them to watch when it is 100 degrees and I still get all choked up over the sweet ones. We are really ready for our family to arrive from the south!
    They are all hoping for snow. Thank you for your gracious comments and kind heart this last past year!
    Always, Roxy xo

  4. What a sweet post! I love your precious tea/cocoa set and thank you for your hot cocoa recipe. Luck is really a cutie. I know i'm just getting to know you and looking forward to knowing you better as we blog next year. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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