December 16, 2014


 Christmas is a feast for the eyes isn't it? Sharing.....it's what Christmas is all about! The joys of holiday events can bring smiles to both children and those of us who stay young at heart! I love to see what's going on in some of my favorite places! Care to join me?

Third Monday Trade Days in our hometown offers Santa train rides around the grounds! It's a merry way to shop the vendors for treasures and collectibles! That's the great thing about living in Texas....some days in winter, you can still wear just a sweater!

Over at the Shops of Legacy in Plano, we can attend holiday events, attend a wine tasting or in this case, a beer tasting (which all my guys would love), have dinner at the restaurant of our choice, attend a holiday movie at the Angelika and then walk down the tree lined streets in which the trees are aglow with white lights! It's a magical time!

Our historic downtown just hosted a holiday tea and home tour! 
Now, this is just what I love doing! 
We have some stunning historic homes.
You would not even know you were in Texas...it reminds us of Maine! 

Do you have a Lily Pulitzer store in your area? 
Talk about a feast for the eyes.....oh be still my heart!
Monogram everything please! 
Note to self...make certain to have her summer fragrance 
on hand for our beach trip this summer! 

Hoppin' over to Hot-Lanta, our favorite Swan Coach House is hosting holiday parties galore!
Christmas teas, bridal showers, weddings, ladies luncheons and visits with Santa!
Just look at the merriment that goes on inside! 

Creating Memories.....

Over in Pennsylvania, Valarie Par Hill is sharing pictures of her newly designed kitchen.
Oh how I love her new built in hutch! Fabulous way in which to display your collectibles!
I adore Valarie! She is so gracious and brings us many beautiful things for our homes.
I have several of her things, 
including her set of Christmas china she offered some years ago! 

Jetting up to Maine, LL Bean, my all time FAVORITE store, is all dressed up for the holiday shoppers. We miss this! We would drive the short distance to Freeport rain or shine! Dining on a Lobster Roll at Allison's, an ice cream cone from Ben and Jerry's and a full day of shopping proved to be a delightful way in which to spend a Saturday in December!

There are never a shortage of newborns at our favorite dairy farm in Maine. 
Smiling Hill Farm! 
They are always in the holiday spirit.....and the fresh milk which is displayed in
 old-fashioned glass milk bottles is so fun! 

Over in Prout's Neck, our favorite Inn is creating cozy winter evenings for guests!
What a beautiful winter sky....probably a NorEaster is coming......

Can't you just imagine having the cocktail hour right here! 
Oh Heaven!

The midnight Christmas stroll is alive and well at
Strawberry Banke in New Hampshire!
This is such a magical experience.
Cold? Yes...but it's December in 
New Hampshire loves.....it will take you back to days gone by!
Lovely indeed! 

Hope y'all had fun on this holiday tour!

Stay Merry


  1. Oh lovely photos and possibilities. ,-)

    Strawberry Banke at Christmas. Oh how wonderful that must be. We've enjoyed being there, but not at this magical Time of Year.

    What beautiful places you have locally, for visiting in, at Christmas. So lovely and Southern...

    And have you seen "My Idea"...? ,-)


    1. Didn't you enjoy Strawberry Banke Tessa? We just loved it! The Christmas stroll is magical...just like the old days! Yes, I did read Here There Be Musings this morning and thought you would just like to browse the blogs! Fine with me...relax and enjoy the days leading up to Christmas! I will try to have something interesing to read or beautiful to look at! Hugs!!!

  2. You guys get around! I moved here from Tyler, Texas. I've also lived in New Braunfels, Austin, and Abilene. I loved Tyler and New Braunfels best.

    1. Hi Brenda! I thank you for visiting today! I had read that you had relocated from Tyler! That is such a pretty little town. Hope you are having a lovely season! I just so enjoy your blog!

  3. I'm back and you changed your blog look. I like the Christmas-y look. :-)))))

    One thing though... Where you reply to comments here, the box is a deep gray. But the pale gray print, does not show up, well. I can hardly read your words above.

    Don't know how you change this. But if it happened in my blog, I'd want to know. So I am telling you.

    We never know what our blog looks like, on the computer of others. :-)


    1. I needed a new look. We shall try it on for size and see if it stays. Thank you for letting me know about the colors..hopefully the new change will be easier for everyone. Love that you came back for a look-see! Hugs dear Miss Tessa.

  4. Charming photos. Those precious children with Santa, priceless.

    I was drawn to your name, as my maternal grandmother was named Anna Estelle. I've always loved it.

    1. Oh how wonderful Dayle! I love your name too! Thank you so much for stopping by today!

  5. This was so fun! I love seeing all the holiday happenings! I love Maine though I have only been there one time! Lol! We did go to LL Bean and it was fabulous!


    1. Maybe one day you can go back to visit Deanna! It was a picture postcard everywhere you looked! But, it was also long cold winters!!!! Hugs to you love!


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