November 24, 2014


 Hey y'all! I think the shopping is done! The turkey is thawing in the fridge, the casserole dishes have been selected, the menu has been decided and the appetizer table is being prepared! Each day before Thanksgiving has been designated for particular recipes to prepare.....so I feel ready and organized!

Reserved for the ever traditional port wine cheese ball

Reserved for the summer sausage and gourmet cheeses, with a side serving of Hot Pepper Jelly

He's just so darn cute......turkey's everywhere

I am baking all the pies this year! So excited.....Wednesday will be baking day......
Cranberry Bread, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Pumpkin Pie!
As always, Tea Time Tessies will be served also as they have been ever since I was a child. 
It's a Southern Tradition! 
This makes me miss Mother and Daddy.....what wonderful Thanksgivings we shared! 

Most Thanksgivings, I serve a Mulled Wine, but this year I am making a slushy Apple Orchard Punch! I decided to serve this divine autumn beverage in a big glass canister, all dressed up for the holiday! It's going to be a great day y'all!

1 (32 fluid ounce) bottle apple juice,
1 (12 fluid ounce) can frozen cranberry
juice concentrate

1 cup orange juice
1 1/2 liters ginger ale
1 apple

In a large punch bowl, combine apple juice, cranberry juice concentrate and orange juice. Stir until dissolved, then slowly pour in the ginger ale.
Thinly slice the apple vertically, forming whole apple slices. Float apple slices on top of punch.

Fryin' turkey at The Maine House
I think everyone in the neighborhood was either very jealous, as that delicious aroma filled the air, or they were either shakin' their heads, whispering about those crazy southerners!


  1. What a delightful post...and I miss my mama and daddy, too. Yesterday was especially hard..I stayed on the verge of tears all day long. Mother and I used to have so much fun, preparing everything....aunts and uncles and cousins would all come to my mother's house for every holiday. We had all the beds full and pallets on the floor. Such wonderful memories....
    I am going to make your apple drink this year...we will all love it.
    How do you get your photos so ......soft looking? So pretty.
    Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will have about 14 with us and so looking forward to it.

    1. Good Morning BJ! I think we share very similar family Thanksgivings in our past. Mine were filled with family and very special times! I so miss that too! Yes, it can bring us to tears as to how much we miss those times! Weren't we blessed, however, to have experienced them! It sounds like your holiday is going to be very special and just lovely! Please share with all your readers!!!! I sometimes edit my pictures in photo editor to soften them a tad! I just like the soft appearance, Daddy always told me photography is very subjective and I agree with him! So hope you enjoy the punch! Easy and delicious to make! Received rave reviews in the past! May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving day!

  2. Your are simply amazing! Being excited about all that baking!!! But how lucky you are, to be thus.

    -sigh- I guess I missed out on the Happy Baking Gene, when they were being passed out. ,-) Or.... Or..... Or.... It could simply be that I was born a Damn Yankee! Instead of a Southern Belle. :-))))) I bake a delicious Apple Pie, but do not get excited, about doing it.

    Son and daughter in law and children, spent a few days in Charleston recently. My daughter in law is completely smitten with Southern Living. Oh she was in Heaven. Can't stop talking about it. The gentle way Southern people talk, and do, and move about.

    And she even has been converted to calling me "Miss Tessa~" now! I have wanted that for years. Now, I may just get my wish. :-)

    Enjoy your preparation!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh I can see how she fell in love with Charleston.....just lovely! You make me laugh "Miss Tessa!" Have a very blessed and joyous Thanksgiving week!

  3. Thank you for that recipe! I am going to use it! Sounds so good and refreshing!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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