November 19, 2014


Let me first apologize for the many photos. Luke says, "I think Maine Grandma (that's me) is obsessed with taking pictures!" Perhaps, that is true. However, we can look back on some of these posts on Estelle's blog and spend some time reflecting on our lives. This post will serve to document the beginning of recovery for our tiny grandson which will stretch all the way through until the first of December. We were all very disappointed that Miss M and her family will not be joining us, after all, for the Thanksgiving holidays. The remaining November days will be spent with rest, recovery, relaxation and getting his health back to normal!
The get-well wishes, the cards, the phone calls, the dinners, the visits were each so very special.
They were so blessed with good friends, teachers, coworkers and family!
This was always the hard part. Antibiotics.......
New Ninja Turtle pajamas from Ohio Grandma
helped make the medicine go down in a somewhat more "delightful way..."
As we enjoyed the beautiful Autumn days on the deck, neighbors
stopped by to check-in on how he was doing.
This is Buddy, a twelve year old Pyrenees mix!
He's absolutely gorgeous but not the friendliest of dogs.
Goldie, a nine year old lab, is his companion.
 Goldie lost an eye to cancer and is rather arthritic,
 but still enjoys her early evening strolls through the neighborhood!
Luke had been ill two weeks prior to his emergency surgery. He was SO thin.
 I believe we calculated that he had lost close to 12-15 pounds.
That's a lot for a six year old.
It was such a gift that we could enjoy the warmth of the sunshine during the first part of the week.

It was Maine Granma's contribution to have a tea party in the afternoons.
We began with little pineapple cream cheese tea sandwiches, cheese slices,
grapes and gingerbread men cookies.
Our tea was actually warm apple juice
served in a tea cup of his great-grandmothers Noritake china!

The gloaming is always my favorite time of the day!

While Luke was wrapped in a blanket of warmth and dozing or reading in his lounge chair, 
Miss M and I spent time browsing all of the holiday catalogs, making a wish list for all!   

A moment of laughter!

 Playing games on Maine Grandma's phone, while wearing his pirate hat he made at the hospital!

It was an arts and crafts afternoon....time for rock painting, which was a gift for recovery!

 Healthy home cooked oatmeal for breakfast!

 As the week progressed, we ventured out to walk in the yard and enjoy an autumn day!

He immediately took notice of this stunningly beautiful golden tree in the front yard!

Atlanta could not have been more beautiful. The firebush shrubs were so vibrant!

Lunch on the deck. He requested deviled eggs, so deviled eggs it was!

So peaceful!

 Reading on his I-pad....snug as a bug in a rug

Mother-daughter cocktail hour

Glorious autumn sunsets

Daddy's home!

Tell me about your day!

Another beautiful deck view

A lovely visit from the principal!
A gift of Curious George and a book of his adventures too!

A kitchen window view from upstairs

Home schooling.....catching up on homework!

Autumn d├ęcor in the kitchen

Homemade pumpkin bread for the afternoon tea party

Just cannot get enough of those beautiful views!
The kitchen was warm and cinnamon and spice filled the air!

The days became chillier!

A rainy afternoon with cold temperatures falling

Dinosaur bones to be uncovered......another gift of arts and crafts!

The dining room view

Trying new hairstyles on Mommie!

A hug for Grandma!

A strawberry-orange slushy brought smiles!
Yet, another thoughtful gift!

Enjoying the cocktail hour in the living room!

A Friday night pizza party with Aubrey, Olivia and Caden brought some fun times!

Mom and Dad were looking more relaxed, rested and happier!

Afternoons often resulted in much needed rest and quiet time!

 I love this picture! He is reading my childhood story book.

A rainy and cold day!
The best of November had passed.

Listening to the rain!

Our warm afternoons on the deck were now just memories.....

Evenings spent in front of the fire......he loves this time!

And was time to go home. I think we are all so glad it's over! It seems like we have lost track of time and the month of October and November were just lost! I have to stop and think what day it is and realized all of a sudden, Thanksgiving is next week. I think we are all less tired and smiling again! We all have much to be thankful for and a reason to celebrate!


  1. Oh the poor little guy. He does look as if he has lost weight. But with all the delicious and healthy food, he will regain it soon.

    So happy, that he has progressed this far. What a terrible ordeal, for all of you.

    What a beautiful home... Simply lovely... Inside and out.

    I'm sure you are so happy to be home, also. And hope you had a lovely Happy Anniversary.


    1. You are such a love Tessa! Hope you are staying indoors all cozy and warm! Thank you for the anniversary wishes and for always visiting and leaving such sweet comments! Sending hugs!!!

  2. I'm so happy Luke is on the mend. I'm sorry I haven't been by much to comment but know that I am thinking of you. Hugs, Deb

    1. Your days are filled to the brim I am sure! Always good to hear from my dear friend Deb! Kiss the kitties and Kane also!!! I showed Luke your blog with all the cats and we discussed their names and stories! He seemed to be really intrigued and loved that Kane was adopted!!

  3. What a roller coaster ride you all were on. Luke seems to be a good eater so he will be gaining a little more each day. It's disappointing that Thanksgiving won't be as planned, but what joy to be giving thanks for Luke. He is so handsome and looks as if he has many interests. What a glorious autumn you enjoyed. New England had nothing on Atlanta.

    1. Yes, Vee, Atlanta always showcases a beautiful autumn and also a beautiful spring! That was a true gift from God that the days were so lovely at the first of the week! I thank you so very much for leaving such sweet comments and visiting Estelle's! I hope you are still enjoying these November days!! Hugs to you!!

  4. So thankful with you that he is well and recovering so nicely. Looks like he is happy, too.


    1. You are ever so kind Deanna! Thank you from all of us! Many blessings to you!

  5. Estelle..So glad that sweet Luke is on the mend. There is nothing worse than seeing a child that you love sick. I've experienced it twice and it is still hard to look back. Darling Luke is in my prayers. He is so lucky to have such a wonderful family around him. Have a wonderful anniversary and many happy, healthy years ahead for you two.

    1. Thank you so very, very much Katie! I think he really turned a corner before I left for Texas! Indeed it was a very surreal time for his parents. So, it's good to be home in Texas. It actually snowed while I was gone so perhaps it promises to be a real winter this year! Hope your lovely girls are doing well! I know you will be so happy to see them over the holidays! Hugs to you sweet Katie!!!


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