October 14, 2014


 It was a dream come true...living in the great state of Maine! I could not tell you which season was more beautiful.....truth be told.....they were each representative of a picure postcard. On the third week in October would be our recommendation to take in the fall splendor. Walking through our neighborhood was breathtaking! This is probaby when I first began to take my camera with me on our walks. I felt we lived on Norman Rockwell Drive and you may agree with me, when you see what it looked like as you join me on my trip down memory lane! This was our neighborhood, our home......a past look at The Maine House in October! 

Now just imagine how excited a girl from Mississippi got 
everytime she spotted a wild turkey in her yard!

Now, this house was the only one of these pictures not in the neighborhood, This was a home actually in "the village." We did not live in a city, but a quaint, small New England Village. This historic home was located on the corner of the older part of the village. This tree would stop you dead in your tracks as it was so magnificent. The colors just illuminated the sky! We passed it on our way to the little village grocery! Rather glorious don't you think? 

Cutness for the day.....M's neighbors....Chili with her new baby kitten, River! 
How adorable is this....cuddling in a a sunbeam! 
Last Halloween, Chili was a cheerleader with a blue sparkly costume....
wonder what the plan is for this year?


  1. So beautiful!

    What lovely photos. I was in Maine several years ago but in the first week of October (for my birthday) and there was not a lot of color yet. But we loved Maine anyway.

    I'm sure you miss it in the Autumn.


    1. Hi Deanna! Yes, it was pretty. But by the time Halloween arrived, we had our first snowfall! We are ever so happy to be back in Texas with our chidren and grandchildren...there's no place like home! Thank you for stopping by today! Hugs to you!

  2. -chuckle- Yes, we "Damn Yankees" up here, do "do" a beeeeeeautiful Autumn!!!! ,-)

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  3. Maine is so beautiful. My dear PH gets homesick every year at this time. We just don't have the colors here in California. There is a bit..but nothing like the east coast. Your photo's are glorious! If it were not for my blogging friends..I would never be able to enjoy all that Autumn beauty.

    1. Hi Mona! I am always so very happy to hear from you! Yes, it is so lovely isn't it? If it had not been for the children, we would have remained living in Maine! Long, long winters though! On the other hand, what could be lovelier than your own home and that stunningly beautiful garden you created! Hugs to you!


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