August 10, 2014


You have GOT to be kidding me?
Bo is coming to visit again this weekend?
What's happening? I am supposed to be the princess you know!
I find this very unacceptable!
You can quote me on that!

My weekend treasured find on clearance.....

Grilling burgers for Saturday night....I knew these would look beautiful in my new bowl!

In honor of National Smores' Day....Jenn bought the Smores' Fixin's!

How silly!
NO Papa......I want to eat the marshmallow, not balance it on my nose!
Good Grief! How undignified!

To say Bo loves to swim is now an understatement!

It was 100 degrees here in Texas on Saturday!
You cannot blame him for wanting to spend the afternoon in the pool!

Then we had this beautiful evening waiting for us.....Oh that gorgeous Texas sky!
It cooled off to the very low 70's, with a lovely breeze!

Time for Smores'!
Isn't that a great thing about summer......

Just look at that Super Moon.....it was magical!

Counting the days........

A new Pinot Grigio to try...Fancy Pants....could not resist!
Snacks for me and the darling

Trying an upsweep
Blessed with another beautiful weekend!
Good food, shopping and family!


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  1. Perfect weekend! Your poor dog balancing a marshmallow...he looks mortified. You had a perfect caption.


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