August 5, 2014


This WAS the Wax Myrtle in it's heyday!  

 This was another view with only a partial shot of the beautiful lush tree,
 which provided us not only some shade, but privacy for the pool area!

 Then Old Man Winter appeared.....rightly so!
Normally, Texas does not receive many inches of snowfall,
 but we do have our share of ice!

It was last year's ice storm that did this!
We woke up to a very frosty morn and our shrubs and trees
weighted down with layers of ice!
I was heartbroken....split in three pieces and simply broken beyond repair!

It was quite a dilemma cleaning up the aftermath. It took a few months to clean this area up, saw the branches up, and then take a chainsaw to the stump base of this lovely tree.
We had many discussions about what we could do to replace the tree. We shopped and scoured the area for another Wax Myrtle, but then came the problem of what to do with the remaining stump? We learned the trees were very expensive and this was for a very small tree. We decided there was no way to get a stump grinder in the area without ruining the wrought iron fence and the surrounding shrubbery, which is wired for landscape lighting, in addition to the watering system. So, the corner remained bare for some time....until Mother's Day rolled around!  

A beautiful arbor was the answer! This was a gift from the children and I could not have been more excited! This picture may be hard to see it, but if you look closely, you can see it in the corner! Oh how perfect it is!!!

 A better view!
That's BoBo playing in the pool with his chew toy!

Progress.....the Morning Glories and the Mandevilla vine.....aren't they stunning?

I am over the moon happy with this! I started the morning glories from seeds and this is the very first time I have grown a Mandevilla! I freely admit I am not the best gardener (I was better at it in Maine, Alabama and Florida...Texas, not so much). Who knows...there is a small bit of Wax Myrtle making an appearance at the trunk site, so we shall see what develops! In the meantime, I am lovin' the arbor!


  1. That is gorgeous. Morning Glories are one of my all-time favorite. Every-time I see them I have to stop and admire. Enjoy your arbor. Deb

    1. I love them too Deb. I have planted Morning Glories at every home. It has grown fuller everyday so isn't that something beautiful to look forward to! thank you for stopping by today!

  2. The arbor looks beautiful all covered with morning glories and mandevilla. Your kids are very good gift givers. Perhaps, the tree will come back and be as lovely as before. The good thing is how beautiful your neighbors' home is! Very easy on the eyes. Still, I understand the need for some privacy. Say! I have been able to comment with only one minor difficulty. Yay!

    1. I hope it is fixed Vee. Everything seemed to be fine going through google search. thank you for visiting today! Hugs to you love!

  3. The arbor looks wonderful in that corner. But wouldn't it be fantastic if the Wax Myrtle took off again from the stump? It could happen!

    1. H Cheryl! I totally agree with you....we would love the tree to grow back. This was a costly and heartbreaking loss! We shall see what develops in the future. In the meantime, I am loving those beautiful vines! Thank you for stopping by today!


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