July 19, 2014



Ahhh......just look at this! A rainy morning with cool temperatures in July!
Now, THIS my darlings, is a true blessing!
We were awakened during the night with bright flashes of
lightening illuminating the bedroom.
Thunder came next.....and then...the beautiful sounds of rain!

Maypole! Good morning precious!
Do you know that today is your Papa' s birthday?

She is fascinated by the raindrops hitting the swimming pool!
 Rainwater makes everything such a vibrant green.
 My Morning Glories continue to climb the trellis, but have yet to bloom.
The Mandevilla vine is doing beautifully, so once the Morning Glories bloom,
those vibrant pink blossoms are going to be stunning amongst the purple blooms!

Mae had an afternoon visitor!
It interrupted her naptime, but she misses seeing her Mr. Jimmy (her Maine squirrel),
 so any sightings of bunny rabbits are most welcome!
 We celebrated the darling's birthday!
This is the sweetest picture of him, along with his older sister.
She shared this on Facebook and I was so delighted as
 I had never seen this picture before!
They lived in Brandon, Mississippi at the time.
I should also mention, he was born on his Maternal Grandmother's birthday.
This is how Miss Abbie told me to take a picture in the mirror.
I wanted to ensure the darling still thought I was his trophy , I mean, adoring wife!

A toast to the Birthday Boy!
He declined my offer to take his picture.....
We had a fun-filled dinner with two of the boys and their lovely brides!
So much to talk about...Jenn's upcoming trip to San Antonio to attend the ordination ceremony of her cousin, Cat's Peach Peddle update last week in Weatherford, Nick's plans for the sailing lessons next month, Greg's tale of Bo finding a dead frog......
and our upcoming trip to Austin!
Fun times!
We are so blessed to celebrate yet another birthday and good health!
He is the love of my life!

This morning, it is a record 63 degrees F.
Oh my.....morning coffee on the patio sounds like a great way to begin the day!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


  1. It is a odd summer when a morning brings cooler temps to Texas than to Maine! Happy Birthday to your beloved! That is an adorable picture os him with his cutie pie sister.

    1. Good Morning Vee! I am most certain this will be short-lived, but for the moment, we will embrace this glimpse into autumn. Thank you so much for the wishes and stopping by! Hugs!


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