May 12, 2014


I hope everyone had a fun-filled May 11th, 2014!
I hope you made wonderful memories!
I hope you were surrounded by your children and all of those that love you!
I know those of us that no longer have our Mother's looked back at old family photos and shared stories of our younger years and realized how much our Mother's did for us.

I knew we would be missing two of the children this year.....
the Divine Miss M and our youngest son, who made the big move to Austin in April.  
Friday nights are always spent outside on the patio, under the moon and the stars with a cold glass of wine and talking about our week. Dinner was a baked spaghetti, French bread and a tossed salad with a vinaigrette dressing. The casserole had been in the oven a few hours but it seemed as if the conversation was going on a little longer than I had intended. Little did I know that all of the family was in on a little secret! Suddenly, the door opened and I heard..."Hi Mom!" Much to my surprise, Robbie was able to come home from Austin for the weekend.....not only did I cry, but I made everyone else cry too....tears of joy!

I was treated to a Red Velvet Anything Bundt Cake!  


A darling book filled with funny stories from Moms and about Moms
that I cannot wait to delve into!
A gorgeous coral seed bead necklace and matching cocktail ring...
I have the perfect new maxi dress that this will go perfectly with!

Lovely hanging baskets for the patio!  

The boys were in charge of lunch!
Two of the boys are excellent cooks!
Nick was setting his timer as he was whipping up an amazing Jalapeno Mac N' Cheese!

Chopping fresh Jalapeno's......he looks like a professional chef to me!

Oh my gosh....what a creamy cheesy sauce!

The brothers taste testing one of their new craft beer brands!

Greg was in charge of grilling the chicken!
The darling gets to have a day of relaxation too!

I am loving these new hanging baskets!
The wind was blowing softly and everything looks so vibrant and green!

I know Rob was glad to be home!
I think this was his first weekend to unwind and relax!
His weekends have been full of working special events so it was for sure
a much needed break!
We are happy that HE is happy....loves his new job and loves living in Austin!

The pit master cannot resist checking on the grill!

Jenn was able to relax too and let the boy's take over the kitchen!
We later had some "Target Time", to pick up a few fun items for the
 June visit from Luke and The Divine Miss M!

A few good men!
These guys are respectful, kind, compassionate Southern gentleman!
I love the times when all of the boys are back together! The older we all get, the more special these times become! It's good to celebrate the occasion!
I am one lucky girl!

Hopping over to Atlanta......Miss M was greeted by her little guy
who could not wait to show his Mom what he made for her on Mother's Day!
I know she is going to be horrified that I posted of her "pre-makeup",
but hey....if I looked this beautiful in the early morning hours, one should be so lucky!

She was treated to a homemade breakfast of French toast, fresh berries and sausage!
Yes, he had a little help from his sweet Daddy!

You know it's all good, when your children make you one of these creative Kindergarten artworks and you immediately experience the emotion of "laughter through tears!"

Sweet Kisses of appreciation!  

Sharing what surprises are yet to be!
She gets my vote for "Mother of the year!"
She ended the day with wine on the deck with her handsome husband,
grilled steaks and baked potatoes, and a ride in the gold cart at sunset!
I have been told there is a surprise being delivered from the children on this
 rainy Monday morning....something new for the garden.....
stay tuned!


  1. Another wonderful day "in the can" with wonderful visits and a surprise visit and gifts and food and someone else to cook...it does not get much better than this. So glad that you had a beautiful Mother's Day. What a great looking family you have!

    1. Thank you Vee! I appreciate you stopping by today!

  2. The photos are beautiful! I am glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day with your family!

    1. Thank you Beth! I am so glad you stopped by today! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Dear Estelle, I adore seeing all the family memories! How sweet that they planned this surprise visit to be with you and honor you! My heart is so full and heavy that they all come and go so fast! Have a wonderful week mt dear!
    Blessings! Roxy

    1. You are so kind Roxy! Hope you have a wonderful and happy week also! I so appreciate you stopping by today!


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