April 17, 2014


Grandmother Estelle loved pretty things! Actually, that's probably a bit of an understatement.
Have you ever walked into someones home and it was stunningly beautiful? Everything matched.
Nothing was out of place. But wait a minute....did it speak to you? Did it reflect the homeowners personality or could it have been "anyone's" home? Did their belongings tell a story with their rich history?
I admire homes that are updated, newly decorated with perfect looking accessories...I really do!
But that's just not my preference! I love flea market finds mingled with investment pieces and blended with family heirlooms.
Estelle's personality and her elegance is clearly revealed with her love for beautiful pieces and it is a wonderful legacy left to her family.
The important thing with any space is that it be authentic to the people who live there. You need to include the things you love!
A few of her pieces seem to embrace the Spring season.

English China....the sugar bowl to this set was never located.
The heart shaped trinket box was placed on her dressing table.
 It is Elfinware from Germany

Royal Doulton....Afternoon Tea

Things of Beauty....respecting the past 



Hand Painted Napco tea cup and saucer

 Estelle was certainly a talented and elegant person. She added beauty to every corner of her home. She was an accomplished pianist, wrote poetry, was a Master Gardener, loved to embroider, design and sew aprons, hosted tea socials and bridge clubs, a fabulous cook and baker and a devoted wife and mother. She developed Alzheimer's in her early sixties and passed away at the age of 72.


  1. I'm sorry to read that she had alzheimers. We are very aware of the difficulty of this disease as the retired-guy's mom is living with it right now. She sure did have many pretty things. I especially love the 'Afternoon Tea'.

    1. Thank you Deb! Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease. My father was her only child and the light of her life. It was probably most difficult when she no longer recognized him! I appreciate you stopping by and wish you a lovely Easter gathering!

  2. I love those tea pots. They are gorgeous!

  3. I'm sorry Estelle pass away much too soon from Alzheimers. She sounds like a lovely person. She left many lovely things behind, as well as beautiful memories.

  4. She had many lovely things. Very elegant!



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