April 9, 2014



With Easter right around the corner,
I am gathering my thoughts together for
celebrating the Easter Dinner!
How can you not include the beloved characters of
Beatrix Potter for the Easter buffet?

My darling daughter, the Divine Miss M presented me with the most beautiful book for one of my birthday's in Maine. It is an absolutely lovely journal in which Beatrix is responding to her followers in America, how she came to write "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", as well as her other books. One of the first posts I ever did on Estelle's, formerly The Maine House, was to detail the life of Beatrix Potter. I have loved her from the time I was a very young child and ensured that all of my four children and three grandchildren knew her writings. I treasure this book as it was a thoughtful gift from my daughter.  She knew how meaningful it would be to me.

She begins her journal as...
"I was sixteen when I decided to start this diary.
I was beginning to feel the peaceful time of childhood ending and
I foresaw changes in my life."

Each entry is beautifully penned and illustrated

As you move through the pages of this journal,
family photographs are included along with significant dates and journal notes.

"I became Mrs. William Heelis in 1913.
I lead a busy, contented life managing my own land among the mountains and lakes
that I have drawn in my books."

And then, when least expected,
there is a delightful surprise tucked in the very
back of the journal


I have decided that Miss Abbie needs to know more about
 Mrs. William Heelis, A.K.A. Beatrix Potter!
What beautiful adventures will await her this summer
when I add to her reading program!

I do not own much in the way of Peter Rabbit collectibles, but what I do possess,
I value a great deal.
We will have Peter Rabbit cupcakes for Easter this year,
as opposed to my traditional Lamb Cake.
I am not certain which flavor yet...perhaps Lemon or Vanilla with Strawberry frosting.

This was a baby gift to me for the birth of our youngest son, Robbie

The Beatrix Potter music box was a gift from my father

Robbie's baby cup
Maypole has destroyed the look I was going for....
and so.....
it is.........

The End



  1. I just love that beautiful book your daughter gave you. It is delightful! Peter Rabbit and his friends are adorable aren't they? Someone gave our son the same Peter Rabbit mug when he was born and I still have it. Your Easter display is really pretty and I love the large rabbit pushing the little cart. I hope you have a beautiful day.

    1. You are so very sweet to comment Pamela! I still am loving your new "selfie!" Yes, there is something completely charming about Beatrix Potter, her drawings and her stories! It seems so many of us have a life long love for her! Glad you enjoyed the post today! I thank you!

  2. The photos are wonderful today Estelle. I especially like the last one with Maypole in it!

    1. HA! Thank you Beth....May cannot resist playing with Easter eggs! So happy you came by today! Hugs to you Beth Marie!

  3. Have spent a pleasant while looking around, reading recipes, and wondering what your kitty cat's name really is.

    1. Hi Vee! My kitty's name is Mae Mobley....aka, Maypole, Mae Mae, Miss Mae...and on and on. She was named after the baby in Kathryn Stockett's novel, The Help! Thank you for stopping by today!

  4. Hello Estelle! Greetings from the Great State O' Maine! I saw your comment on Kathy B's blog, and just knew I had to come visit you, and find out where in the world you are now. My snow (on the coast) is finally gone, and we are just beginning to see little green shoots venturing forth.
    I so wish I had your photography skills! Each photo is beautiful! And I love your kittites smelling your flowers. I have had cats do that but never captured the moment in a photo.
    And then to discover that you too have a love for dear Beatrix Potter. I have adored everything about her art and stories for as long as I can remember. Have you seen Susan Branch's blog? She has a Peter Rabbit room in her lovely Martha's Vineyard home. And kitties.
    Anyhoo -- so fun to find a pretty blog, and someone who knows a bit about the unique life we Mainers are living up here in the upper right-hand corner of the country, the only (continental) state sharing a border with only one other state, and mostly sharing borders with Canada.
    Hope you have a blessed day.

    1. Hi WendyBee! Love your name! And....love meeting another Mainer! Although we lived in Maine a short three years, we embraced life in New England. Being from the South.....it was quite a unique experience. We would have stayed in Maine had it not been for missing our children and grandchildren! I am thrilled to know you and appreciate you taking the time to visit Estelle's! You are fortunate to live in the picture postcard beauty known as the state of Maine!

  5. Dear Estelle, I just felt happy after reading this! What a sweet and lovely gift that has a long and lasting memory.
    I love the good and wholesome things in life. Life needs more rabbits and lemony tea and luscious lemony pies :o)
    Happy Spring and I pinned your header as it speaks of Spring Time...
    Yours, Roxy

  6. Hello Estelle, wow I love Beatrix Potter! I've always been fascinated by her story, and just yesturday I finally got to see her movie, what a neat story. I would love to have her Journal, it looks so beautiful-would you mind telling me where your daughter got it. I'd love to have one.

    1. Hi Dolores....this is a beautiful treasured book. My daughter gave this to me years ago....probably 15 years....I believe she found it in a book store....have no idea where. Perhaps if you just googled this, you may find one like it or similiar.


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