April 14, 2014


We love weekends where we can spend time with the grandchildren. We so wish little Luke lived back home in Texas so we could see him more often other than a few times a year. Saturday was a beautiful spring day and we were invited to attend Noah's baseball game and then spend the afternoon at son #2's house for a cookout!

Noah has proven himself to be quite the athlete!
He loves all sports, but I think baseball is his #1 favorite!

Miss Abbie decided she would help out by taking any debris out of the pool!
She gets prettier every time we see her!

Miss Cat looking pretty as she waits for the burgers to be prepared.

The baby of the family. Franz was rescued by Catherine about five years ago.
 He may look a little scary, but this Rottweiler is the most gentle and loving dog ever!
 He certainly has won our hearts!
He is smart, very well behaved, very gentle around cats and children.
Even Mae Mo approves!

Their acreage is so lovely.
A gorgeous spring day, blue skies, a bit windy and
 sunshine on our shoulders.

Nick and the darling discussing pool maintenance!

Swimming lessons!

The creek is at the very back of their yard.
 Lovely....cows are grazing the fields just beyond the creek.

Wondering what heavy spring rains might bring

Doing his "high five" for a treat!

Time to eat! Can't you just smell how good this is going to be?

An average day. Just visiting family. Sunshine, baseball and burgers!
So grateful!


  1. Hmmm is there any way to find out if that creek has ever flooded?? Might be a good thing to know. Do they know their neigbors? Might be able to ask them........ And Rottweilers? LOVE Them.... We had a female for years named Morgan. They really do get a bad rep don't they. She was the most loving and gentle dog.... with a small child in the house i wouldn't have it any other way. It always amazes me when people have huge dogs..... not even Rotts just any big dog and they don't teach them manners and how to behave..... a big dog can really hurt someone without even meaning to. Lovely post Estelle. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Hugs! deb

    1. Hi JINXXXYGIRL! Yes, they have wonderful neighbors. No, the creek has not flooded before, That would have to be disclosed prior to purchasing a home in TX. Fortunately they are not in a flood area. Always good to know before buying real estate. Thank you for visiting today!!!

  2. It all looks wonderful. I can taste the hamburgers now!


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