March 26, 2014



It's always bittersweet when you're a mother. Congratulations are in order for child #4, boy #3 and the youngest of the family. He is off to Austin to begin a new career and a fantastic job which I think was worth waiting for. College grads don't necessarily begin their dream job right after graduation, so at last, it's the opportunity he had been searching for after receiving his degree from Texas A&M. He was able to develop a fantastic work ethic for the past five years at his current company. Our personal journeys are never without purpose. The weekend was dedicated to finding a new home in our state's capital....the exciting city of Austin, Texas!

We have traveled this road many, many times going down to Waco for soccer tournaments and visiting the children down at Texas A&M. First stop has always been at the Czech Bakery in West, Texas! The car automatically pulls into the parking lot as we begin to anticipate those delicious kolaches they are known for!

You can see this is one busy bakery. But the service is fast and the wait is short!

Decisions, decisions.....sausage and cheese or apricot cream cheese.....maybe both!

I should have picked up a jar of the German Sauerkraut! Next time....just days away!

Yes, it was a gray day.....spring showers and humid

After viewing a few "make do possibilities" (not really thrilled with them),

Third floor....moving furniture....again......to the third floor!

Love the complex and very well kept landscaping....
green belt view from his balcony.....all good!

Yes, I took a picture of this tree...it was huge.....and....it was lovely!

Pondering his decision 

Lovely pool area....quiet and upscale

The decision was unanimous

Late afternoon.....we were tired, hungry, happy and relieved!

Did we celebrate? Of course.....new job, new city....
so different than sending him off to college!
This is a big move, but time marches on and it's all going in a good direction.
Austin is an exciting place to live and even better, only a few hours away from family!

 We love this kid!
This move is going to be different....for him and for me.
I wish I could hit the rewind button.
I hope I can hold it together when it comes time to say good-bye.
I made the Darling promise me we would be going to
 Austin once a month and as he always does, he agreed!

Time to eat!

Ah.....now we're talking......a successful day....
we accomplished our goal and now it was time to head home!


  1. It's great to see our child succeed and move on in life but it's difficult to let them go too. At least he's not too far away that you can't visit him. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for stopping by today Pamela and I always appreciate your comments. Hope you have a wonderful day today!

  2. Congratulations to your son! How fun that you'll have lots of time to explore your state capitol and find new restaurants and shops to visit!


    1. That is very sweet of you Deanna! Yes, apparently you can eat your way thru Austin! Thank you for reading today!

  3. Congratulations to the youngest of your family. I wish him much success and happiness in his new job and surroundings!
    I would love to visit that bakery!! YUMM!!

    The photos are great Estelle. You are a very pretty lady!

    1. The bakery is incredible Beth! My weakness....I think I am going to pick up some of their Cinnamon Raisin Bread next trip....or their Cheddar Beer Bread....or the jams.....on and on!!! Thank you for wishing him well! So appreciated!

  4. Dear Friend, I felt a bit sad to read this post, as Mothers we always want to push that rewind button! But how wonderful for him! Just think, now you get to go that bakery at least once a month :o) Things are already looking up!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. You are so kind Roxy! Isn't life funny sometimes? As parents, we work so hard at preparing them to make a life on their own, yet, we struggle when it comes about.....ah well, as I said, it's all such a blessing and a very fortunate thing! Life is good and that's all we should hope for! Thank you so much for stopping by today! Love....and hugs!


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