March 31, 2014


The Ties That Bind

It all happened so quickly. A discussion. Questions about goals and thoughts for the future. Possibilities. Long time friends moving on with life. Then came an interview. Have you ever had to interview for an important job while at the same time, being under the weather with the flu? Well, he overcame that and then came the offer, the very next day. WHOOP!

Here we go. Packing, planning, shopping, traveling, long work hours at the current job.......finding a new place to live...a tad overwhelming. Yet, it is all positive. Decisions in life, along with those rare opportunities that come along, can change our future. Perhaps what matters most is your support group which surrounds us. Family...it's everything!

A big sister who has cared for him like her own child. Twelve years difference in age and yet, so very close. She is like a mother lioness who has always been fiercely protective of her brothers. She has been known to "take her earrings off" on a few occasions when it comes to "the boys!" He knows he is loved.

Oh lawd...those boys! They constantly kid each other and no matter how old they become,
 they never stop entering "the gauntlet!"

They have been known to act civilized on a few occasions!
As life moves forward, we realize what a significant change this is in the family.
 I marvel at what good siblings they are to each other..especially
 how the three older children have taken care of the baby brother.
He has been blessed with Jenn and Cat, who have certainly taken care of him as their own,
especially while we were living in Maine.

And so, we're off!

The Texas Bluebonnets were gorgeous!
The closer we got to Austin, the more plentiful they became!

We have arrived!

Love the view from the balcony! Green space can be good for the soul!

 Packing somewhat completed, it was time to celebrate. North Austin is so beautiful!

Jenn used to live in Austin, so she knew just the place for an evening of relaxing,
 meeting old friends for happy hour and a celebratory dinner!

We did not mind a two hour wait with this festive atmosphere and view of Lake Austin!

This was such a fun and festive atmosphere with incredible views of the hills of Austin and
those lovely lake homes tucked around everywhere!

Music, watching the boats and ducks swimming on the Lake...it was all so fun!

Who wouldn't want a boat on the lake and docking right up on the restaurants on the lake?

Good times remembered!

We did it! The move is completed, all safe and sound. Yes, there will be a period of adjustment to a new city, a new job, making new friends.....but perhaps it will be a little easier knowing and remembering you always have the safety net of family!
From the wise words of Mr. Happy......

You Are The Best
Be Happy
We Love You!


  1. Your 'boys' are so handsome! Best of luck to the youngest starting on a new career!

    1. Thank you Beth! They will certainly appreciate hearing that! Very kind of you to wish him well! Hope you are seeing signs of Spring!

  2. I love to see siblings who really love and care for one another. Well done, Estelle!

    What a neat place to have dinner!


    1. You are very sweet to say that Deanna! We are very blessed indeed! I so appreciate your comment!

  3. A beautiful post and a beautiful, loving family. Best of luck to your son in his new job. He'll love Austin. My nephew is there and adores it.

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! Those are kind words and much appreciated! Thank you for visiting Estelle's!

  4. A beautiful post and a beautiful family! Best of luck to your son in his new job in Austin. I'm sure he'll love living there!

  5. Congratulations on a new job. It's wonderful to hear when someone lands a good one. Beautiful family you have!

    1. Thank you so much Vee! That is so kind of you to say....much appreciated. Hope you are looking forward to the melting of snow and seeing a green Spring ahead!


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