February 18, 2014


I love Texas! Don't you love a Saturday, when you get to wander around the local trade market and do some shopping for "stuff!" Every third weekend, our town, has a huge area of vendors who set up their camp and sell their crafts. It's going to be a monthly date for the darling and I from now on!

I thought you might enjoy touring a very small section of the campgrounds on this sunny, glorious day in February with temperatures warming into the low 70's. You may have heard of Canton, Texas and the infamous First Monday Trade Days flea market. We went to Canton many, many times over the years and now we have a very similar flea market right here! I was in heaven, I tell you!
Those wind spinners were so cool....very colorful. I may have to go back for one of these.

Too bad this didn't light up......wonder who thought this would look good hanging on your fence?

Yep.....don't mess with Texas! All the wrought iron "things" you could imagine!

You had me at hello

Oh my gosh.....we wanted to sample every single food vendor....
Darling said, "Is it too early for a corn dog?"  (still morning).
Me: "Yes, keep walking!"

This just made me laugh.....sounds like lines from a country song, doesn't it?


Had to buy some local honey......good for the darling's allergies
Such a nice couple and the honey is to die for!!!

Good lord! Who would have thought we could find anything Ole Miss in Longhorn country?

The most beautiful produce from a local farmer!

Yes, its true....Texas girls love big hair and lots of bling!
So do I....always have!

 Cute, cute, cute

Now, this is where I got into trouble.
Me: "Hey, do y'all take debit cards?"
Nice ladies: "Well, yes, if it's $10 or over.
Me: "No PROB-LEM-O!"

This was pretty cool......would love to try to make this!

Oh lawd......the puppies! Adorable.....English Bull Dogs......$1,900.00

Ha! Little longhorns for the garden...I know Jenn is going to want one of these!

Lawd, lawd, lawd!
 I just love Texas!


  1. Very nice post Estelle. Sounds like a really fun day.

    1. Hey Beth! Wish you could come too. I love shopping for little treasures, don't you? Thank you as always for stopping by! Many blessings to you love!

  2. What a fun day! I just learned we have a Farmer's Market opened all-year-round like the Public Market in Seattle...can't wait to go now that I've seen your photos, XOXO

    1. Oh yes, Susan....you must go. NC would have a fabulous farmer's market I am sure! Please take pictures and have fun with it! Thank you love for stopping by today!

  3. Hi Estelle,
    I LOVE going to Trade Days in Canton! There's always something to find and good food to try. xo


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