January 14, 2014


Life in Maine
Our little New England Village was picturesque! You could drive through the village and gaze upon the most beautiful historical homes. You could spend days driving around country roads and discover farms, estates, tiny little homes tucked back among the woods. It would be hard to narrow down your wish list when searching for a place to call home!
What would you do if you came across this stunningly beautiful cape?
Would you take a second look?
I would say the setting itself is rather magical and serene looking!
When you learn it was originally built in the year 1760,
right here on these two acres in Maine, would it capture your interest?
Well it certainly did mine!
Granted, it has been updated in places, the original structure has been added on to, but it still retains some areas that are original to the home.
Can you imagine....1760!
What charming nooks and crannies will we come upon?
Care to take a tour with  me?
I think as you take the tour, you will have many questions along the way, just as I did..



  1. Gorgeous home and interior. I enjoyed the tour. Thank you!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this Beth! I have such a passion for old houses and would have a million questions for the Realtor if I was able to tour this home. Maine is such a gorgeous place to live...everywhere is a picture postcard. Wouldn't you love to ask about that old stove?

  2. This is beautiful. I could easily move right in and live there! Thanks for the tour.

    1. So happy you enjoyed this Cheryl! It's such fun to tour old homes isn't it? Thank you for visiting Estelle's!


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