December 9, 2013

Winter in Texas....The Ice Came and The Ice Stayed!

THIS...my darlings.....is what a Texas winter storm looks like!
Oh yes. I am sure you have heard by now, the Dallas metroplex was blanketed in sheets of ICE this weekend. It began Thursday with sleet and dropping temperatures into the teens. All through the night we heard the pinging of icy rain, then awoke early Friday morning to this sight! We have lost our beautiful wax myrtle by the pool! I am just sick about this! This tree was so gorgeous and provided privacy. Darling braved the ice for a closer inspection and indeed, it split at the bottom and is laying in three large sections. Woe unto me......

What to do when you are "iced in?" Finish the decorating was our task at hand. I am still working on the mantle, but this is a little peak of new mixed with old....a new lighted cardinal tree and Grandmother Estelle's Christmas figurines. I love, love, love these beautiful little figurines!

The little glass tree was a Christmas gift from my Daddy.
It is actually a musical tree, which turns and plays "Oh Holy Night." 

I bought this Santa in 1992. He looks like new after all these years!
Mae was not too sure about him.....she can be somewhat "territorial", you know!

This little Christmas basket was a gift I had given Miss Helen, my Mother, many years ago, I added the red cardinal for a touch of whimsy! I love it because it reminds me of her. Christmas can make you somewhat melancholy when you think of your loved ones which are no longer here. I try to pull myself out of those times and recall all the precious and fun times we had on past holidays. I remember everyone laughing and smiling. I do miss them all so very, very much.

Then we tackled the dining room. I had no vision of what would evolve this year. I chose a hunter green damask tablecloth, with a burgundy velvet topper. We found two evergreen boughs which believe it or not, still had the tags on them from 1996. Everything old is new again, they say!
I decided to mix and match the dinnerware with the ribbons and holly Pfaltzgraff
and the new holiday plates. I think it is going to be a festive Christmas dinner 2013!
This is my new ornament which I found in our lovely little historic downtown district.
I adore anything deer or reindeer, so I thought he was simply gorgeous and unusual!

I completed the entryway table with the carolers, one of our little village houses and
 a little vintage collection of old world Santa's.  
Ah yes, it was bound to happen. We discovered an area of "lights out!"

The finished tree of 2013!
Pay no attention to the two dark rings around the tree......

Mae decided she looks good in soft lighting....

So that was our weekend.....people are trying to get back to work....the roads are still treacherous and Texas drivers are crazy driving on ice......Mae has chosen her warm spot this morning....let's hope everyone arrives safely. Now we are on to planning our menu!

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