December 3, 2013


Time to Deck the Halls!
Let's ring in the season by strolling the square and taking in the
sights and smells of the Christmas season!  
Now I know we all are becoming accustomed to shopping on line and selecting gifts by the touch of a button....very convenient, of course. No crowds to deal with or circling around and around to find a parking space! But, look at what we would miss if we did reserve an afternoon for some merry travels!
This store has the most beautiful chandeliers throughout the store!
The scent of winter wonderland candles beckons you to walk right in and browse!
 Their window displays are always opulent and unique!
The two angels located on either side of the doorway are simply beautiful!

This is the fattest, most grand Santa I have ever seen!

 What makes the season between Thanksgiving and New Year's so wonderful? I believe because it is filled with family and friends. Casual get-togethers and being able to prepare elegant food. Don't you just love to try new recipes or present the old treasured recipes that became traditional within your own family? Hold on to those heirloom ornaments and get set for your family Christmas gathering. Let's have fun getting our homes ready for the holidays!


  1. You have some pretty shops near you

    1. The are pretty Lindsey, inside and out. I love to see a downtown thriving and restoring it's history. Don't you just love browsing the shops at Christmastime? Hugs to you!!


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