December 18, 2013

Getting Christmas Ready!

Christmas is Coming
Granddaughter Abbie

Have you ever been tempted to go to some exotic location to celebrate Christmas? Some go to the beach, some go on a cruise and some go skiing up in Lake Tahoe! Not me!  My motto is "don't mess with the holidays!" It's tradition you know! Always be with the people you love and as many as you can round up. It won't always be this way and you can go on vacation in the summer! It's home for Christmas! The countdown is on and so much to do!
Few people in their right mind will turn down a homemade cookie!
Why it's just not Christmas without 
dedicating an afternoon of baking cookies for the holidays!

Lemon Ricotta Cookies....
These are too good for words!
No one will ever guess how easy these are to make!

This is always a time when I miss my grandmother's.
It was our traditions to make homemade sugar cookies and Christmas candy.

Mae Mobley always joins me in the kitchen when it's baking day.
 The sunshine has returned and so have the birds in our holly tree.

She loves assisting in the wrapping of gifts!
Why? Because there is tissue paper to play in, ribbon to toss around and
bows to bat in the air!
It's all part of being a kitty cat!

I always keep up with our little New England village where we lived in Maine. The northeast  endured one of their huge snow and ice storms this past week which makes travel during the heavy snow sometimes impossible. This is how the weather report updates are made! Can you believe it? Shortly after we moved to Maine, we had one of the infamous Nor' Easters come through. Lo and behold, the updates on the snow storm were broadcast from this local weatherman's home, along with his cats joining in the telecast. Oh, you gotta love small towns. I just loved this and I see things are still rolling along in a consistent manner. Yes, this is what life is like in the beautiful state of Maine! It was "wicked fun!"



  1. Your cookies look delicious and so festive. Mae Mobley is just like our Annie; loves to help. The weather has been so crazy in the states this year. We have already fallen into a deep-freeze far too early. Deb

    1. It does seem to have come early this year. That's one nice thing about Texas....always a short winter. Although the snow is gorgeous, it lasts too long!


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