December 28, 2013

Christmas Highlights

It's over! We celebrated Christmas 2013! The planning, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping.....all the preparation we worked tediously on was all worth it! Laughter and smiles were shared!
I love to document the highlights of the occasion! Here are a few of our holiday memories!
 Luke the Duke baking with The Divine Miss M

 Christmas Eve!
 I must say, Santa does a beautiful job in preparing for a little guy
to wake up Christmas morning,
 rub his little eyes, then jump out of bed and
 bound down the stairs with gleeful anticipation!

All is quiet....ready for company!
We simply must find out what happened to those lights!

The Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt! Five clues to find a Christmas Eve surprise! This was one of our family traditions which was started by my darling Daddy. We continued this tradition when our children were very young and they have wonderful memories of this! We have continued the treasure hunt with all of the grandchildren!

Miss Abbie looks pretty delighted with her new "Skookie!"

I was simply too busy to take pictures of the festivities!
Miss Jenn managed to help out and she snapped a few pictures of our party with her I-phone 5! Everything was delish!

The marinated shrimp!
Party Ryes, Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Royal Beef Tenderloin with Royal Butter,
Hot Mexicorn Dip, and Darlings favorite cheddar cheese ball with Hot Pepper Jelly!
Nick made the most amazing stuffed jalapenos and Greg prepared the mushrooms!
These were amazingly yummy!
BoBo was spending time upstairs.....he was in "time-out" until he could settle down a bit!
Then it was MOVING DAY! Long awaited.....the new home!
We were so thankful for a warmer, sunny day!
The neighborhood is stunning! Huge acreage and woodland views!
They are going to be so happy here....let the fun times begin and make memories of joy!



I loved this picture!
I was trying to capture the beautiful Golden Retriever sitting on top of the
picnic table surveying his yard and enjoying the warmth of the sun!

The end of the day! Home at last!


  1. You have had a LOT going on!!! And you did it all so beautifully!!! Happy New Year!

    1. You are so sweet Linda! Indeed it was a lot of celebrating! I so enjoyed your family Christmas pictures.....don't know where y'al get the energy for the parties and those sweet grandbabies! Wishing you and your family a very happy and blessed New Year!


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