November 29, 2013


I hope everyone had a wonderful and fun-filled Thanksgiving! We had the best Thanksgiving ever. It was a "dancing around the kitchen"  with the kids type of holiday! The weather was beautiful and sunny. All was quiet, except for the football game....of which I paid no attention to.
All is quiet in the kitchen.
 Some have already left for the Friday shopping deals.
 The grandbabies are sleeping in.
 Some are curled up in a corner shopping on line.
I am thinking leftover pie for breakfast sounds rather good.

The day after Thanksgiving, I traditionally pad around in my slippers and loungewear, putting away the Thanksgiving dishes and trying to push myself in  putting up Christmas décor. 
 You can usually catch me curled up in front of the fireplace at some point, breaking out all of my favorite Christmas films: The Holiday, Love Actually, It's a Wonderful Life...Well, if we are going to be honest here, any Christmas movie is a favorite in my book!

What's more comforting than a hot latte'?


A beautiful and luxurious bubble bath to soothe old bones.....

I think I enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers more than the dinner itself...

And now thinking back on it all....was it worth all the effort and fuss? Of course it was...look at the precious memories we made. When you get a hug from one of your children and he says, "Mom! I think that was the best Thanksgiving we ever had!"....oh yes, my darlings, it was all golden!
Mae is ready for Bo to go home.....she decidedly does not like dogs!


How will you be spending your Friday afternoon? When do you typically put up your Christmas décor each year? What is your favorite Christmas movie? You know what...never mind. Everyone just decided to rise and shine and says...."where are we going first?" Shopping is taking priority over my plans for the day.....ah, well, almost made it......


  1. Your photos are once again just beautiful. I cracked up at the last one. I am anxious to see you decorate your gorgeous home for Christmas.

  2. I start poking thru the Christmas stuff the weekend after Thanksgiving...... so like now.... :) Takes me almost a week really , if i'm honest to mess around and get it all up..... but thats because i take my time and relish in the moments and memories as i unpack everything.. its a very cherished tradition, not to be rushed.....

    I like many Christmas movies but my favorite is 'Courage Mountain' with a very young Charlie Sheen in it. I don't know his name but i love the old man that plays Grandfather..... ( Its a Heidi type movie set in the Alps) I don't think its a well known movie but maybe you know it..... Happy Holidays!! Hugs! deb


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