November 13, 2013


Unlimited possibilities! I really had no idea how I wanted to "dress" the dining room this year. I do have Thanksgiving dinnerware that I adore using. I seem to end up changing the linens from year to year, which starts the color theme. This year, I had purchased a tablecloth in a beautiful shade of acorn brown. It had a rather nubby texture, which I think goes beautifully with the autumn foliage. This was the first idea of layering the table with charm, texture and color.

The table runner was a crocheted runner that Grandmother Grace made. My mother used this often, so this was the next piece I selected for the table. I love the soft shade of taupe linen and again, it has the texture I was looking for.


Mothers buffet was next on my decorating list. I decided to take the autumn wreath from the fireplace and put it on the mirror in the dining room. The little pilgrim couple at the end has graced some little nook and cranny for many years. It is a primitive collectible I purchased, probably a good twenty or so years ago.

I have so enjoyed these Mercury Glass pumpkins! I took the Mercury Glass candlesticks from the living room and placed them on the buffet to create height. It is absolutely stunning in the evening with the soft glow from within each pumpkin.

The silver is polished, the crystal has been washed and
the linens have been starched and ironed.

I think I am pleased with the outcome!
It seems warm, inviting and festive!

This is a daytime shot that shows the tablecloth texture close-up.....this is exactly what I was looking for! The hurricanes have coffee beans and a three-bean variety surrounding each candle! This gives off a wonderful aroma when the candles are lit!

This glass pedestal bowl belonged to my mother-in-law. How lovely!
I filled it with faux apples and a few autumn sprigs.
I love this in the sunlight.

I thought the menu was complete.
However, I have since had a few requests, such as deviled eggs.
We will also be celebrating Cat's birthday on Thanksgiving.
 I have yet, another surprise to prepare that I know she is going to love!

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  1. Had to chuckle at the deviled eggs request. We love our deviled eggs, too ;)


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