November 15, 2013


When the temperature is dropping, there is nothing more comforting that a savory New England Pot Roast! Mmmmmmmm….

 What shall we make for dinner, when we are dashing out the door for work and our days are filled with errands? No need to stop through the fast food drive through, when you can prepare a hot and balanced meal for your family with a few little tricks! Bring out the crockpot and let the cooking begin!


I saw both of these products advertised on The Cooking Channel and knew I had to try them! I was very skeptical since they are prepared food items and I never have felt they measure up to home cooking. I am ever so glad I did buy them and our taste test turned out to be a great success! I remember always looking for new crockpot recipes to prepare when the children were younger as there was always work, school, sports and homework to contend with. Somehow we had to fit a sit down family dinner in limited hours and I never wanted it to be pizza or fast food hamburgers! Cooler weather makes everyone hungry, so I highly recommend trying both of these products for your family!

My mother adored Bob Evans restaurants! Growing up in Ohio, having breakfast at Bob Evans held special memories for her, so anytime we traveled up from Mississippi to visit our grandparents, we would stop at Bob Evans along the way. This product was featured on "Unwrapped" with Mark Summers. These are almost better than homemade and it's from Columbus, Ohio.  It is important to remember, not everyone enjoys cooking. I think this would have been wonderful for Mother, when she no longer cooked in later years, but still longed for some good home cooking. I highly recommend this product!
I have seen the new Kraft Recipe Makers advertised and thought well, why not give this a try and see if it does indeed make a good roast! OMG! Darling came home from work and said, "What are we having for dinner because it smells incredible!"

You cannot have pot roast without homemade bread! This is another vintage piece from my mother, that I just of the original Corning Ware loaf dishes. There are none on the market that can measure up to these, in my opinion.

And now the featured recipe.....New England Pot Roast and Vegetables!

There are other types of this product, Kraft Recipe Makers, which I plan to try. With the New England Pot Roast, you can also make Beef Stroganoff, by adding fresh mushrooms, onions, egg noodles and sour cream. Also Beef Burgundy with additions of wine, mushrooms, and fresh parsley!
Darling asked for this we have a winner! Our taste test is Two Thumbs Up!!


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