May 27, 2013


Hot, steamy, muggy, cloudy, rainy, breezy....all of this describes our Texas weather the past few weeks. Yet, with all of this, the pool water is still too cold. However, that has not prevented us from spending times outdoors grilling up some wonderful dinners! Grilling can be quick and easy and need not be extravagant, followed by a lot of kitchen clean-up. Don't you just love old time favorites with a little twist? This one really caught my attention with the addition of Meyer lemons and sweet red peppers. If you have never tried chicken sausage, why not pick some up and serve up delicious grilled sandwiches for your backyard party!

Slice a Meyer lemon thinly and brown it on the grill. Spread mayo in a split roll and add a chicken sausage link and half of a diced sweet pepper. Top with the grilled lemon slices.


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