November 5, 2012

Maine in November....One Last Look

It was a rather cold November day of 2011, when we decided to spend a Saturday down in Old Port and catch the ferry over to Peaks Island. This would be our last visit. We wanted to leisurely stroll the island, remembering summer days we had spent the past few years getting acquainted with the island residents. Most places were beginning to close and the island inn had limited hours of operation this late in the season. Snowfall would be coming soon.

This was a group of younger people going over to visit friends and have lunch on the island. Everyone always had a pooch in tow...let me just say, the ferry ride was very windy and cold. You could go below, but we would rather brave the wind and dropping temperature in order not to miss the incredible views.

We were beginning to dock. All cars and passengers would be unloaded at this point. Oh yes, cargo and supplies from Portland would also be delivered. These guys did it all....several times a day in all weather conditions. There are limited hours of operation after Labor Day. Everyone prepares for winter and the season does not begin again until late Spring or Memorial Day.

Darling and I would just wander through the island...quiet, serene and undisturbed. Sometimes it felt very isolated and lonely. It would be impossible to visit in winter. But islanders loved their way of living....cats curled up sleeping in front of the fire, everyone bundled up inside with woolies and good books..soups and stews simmering away in the kitchen with local farm produce.....sounds incredible doesn't it?

I would snap pictures of houses I found most interesting...the colors, the gardens, the whimsy..this stained glass window was simply stunning and so unusual....it reminded me of my grandmother's house.

This house was the softest shade of pink and they had named their house "Jewel Box"....how charming!

Now this house was the epitome of a cottage cape.....
the windows overlooking Casco Bay were stunning!

Your neighbors could be very far apart....
some had vast acreage and lawns with magnificent evergreens!

This home was way, way back in the woodlands, near the coastline....it was so quiet.....all you heard were crows echoing every so often...
it looked rather storybook I thought.....

This was an incredible view along the coastal road...can you imagine that this is your view every morning and evening......oh how beautiful!

This was the most unusual painting on siding I had ever seen....I wanted to knock on the front door and ask if we could have a glass of wine on their side porch....

It was time to end the day and catch the ferry back to Portland....time to say goodbye to such an incredible way of life....we felt so blessed to have been a part of this, if only for a brief period of time. But remember the quote from Steel Magnolia's?

"I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a
lifetime of nothing special"

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